Hello Pratibha 29th May 2015 Written Episode

Pratibha sits lost in the train thinking about Peehu. Mahen calls her for tea, she says she texted Peehu a long time before and there is no reply. Anmol says in the train there can’t be any network.
Peehu finds Sunidhi sitting alone. She thinks she is sitting alone, it is best time to speak to her and she surely will help her. Sunidhi thinks she has again come to cook her mind up. Peehu says there is something she wants to talk to her. Sunidhi texts her mom to call her, tab rings. Sunidhi tells her mom to return her call in a while, but her mother tells Sunidhi that in her neighbours police took a young boy for stealing. Sunidhi says he left his parents with no respect. Her mom says it is good that their Peehu is such a well brought up girl. Peehu is worried. Sunidhi hangs up and asks Peehu what she was saying. Peehu says if she makes a big mistake will her parents forgive her. Sunidhi asks did she come to ask this? Peehu says she was just asking generally. Sunidhi says she doesn’t know what Pratibha would react as but Mahen is really strict, she says she has a fool-proof plan ready i.e to run away from house. Remember she has done it before during her PTM, and Mahen wasn’t even angry because he was really afraid. Peehu gets up to go inside, Sunidhi asks what she came to say to her about the mistake. Peehu says she had a mistake in maths problem, she will solve it now. Sunidhi thinks she has given such a solution to Peehu, she will work on it.
Peehu comes into the room worried what to do. Everyone’s accusations on her being a murderer and a theif echo in her mind, she shouts and cries thinking about Sunidhi’s given solution. She thinks about running away from house before anyone comes.
Pratibha tries Peehu’s phone but she was busy packing her clothes and crying. She looks at her room for a last time and was about to leave. The landline number rings, Peehu stops at once. Sunidhi thinks why Peehu isn’t leaving, Shalu comes there to attend the call. Peehu hears this. Pratibha asks Shalu about Peehu, Shalu says she didn’t see Peehu since morning, she will look for her in her room. Pratibha stays on hold. Shalu comes to the room, watches Peehu in bed and says she is sleeping. Pratibha asks her to let her sleep, she will call later. Shalu says she will take care of Peehu. Pratibha is relieved.
Sunidhi comes to Peehu’s room and removes the vig from pillow, she says as soon as Pratibha knows Peehu has run away from home she will come back. Her singing and show would be ruined badly. She says now Pratibha’s career would ruin before it is made.
In Kolkatta, Anmol enjoyed all the scenes while Mahen notices Pratibha’s worry. Anmol asks them to smile for a selfie.
Peehu cries watching her family photo as she sat on a road side. She walks alone on streets and cries sitting under a tree where she fell asleep.
Sanjeev gets Mahen’s call, he tells Sanjeev to take care of Peehu as Pratibha is really worried about her. Pratibha sat worried for Peehu. Mahen says she talked to Shalu that Peehu is asleep, since they have come here she must focus on her studies. The director comes to them, he had come for a briefing and tells Pratibha huge companies will sign first five contestants with them. He asks Pratibha to sign a contract with them, and hands it to Pratibha. Pratibha sits on the bed and opens the pen, she thinks for a while and was about to do the signatures when her phone rings. She says she was waiting for a long time, what happened. Shalu was crying and tells Pratibha that Peehu isn’t in her room and nowhere in the house. Pratibha is worried.

Sunidhi tells Pratibha Peehu has run away from home. Mahen says they can’t go back at this time, but Pratibha says nothing is bigger for her than Peehu.

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