Manmarziyan 29th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika getting ready and changing her bag. She sees Sam upset and takes the same bag to office. She asks Sam is she fine. Sam says yes, and asks her to come soon. They all sit for the presentation. Arjun tells Radhika that this presentation is imp for her, everything will change from today if they get Maybelline new York ad account. He says first presentation is of Samudra. Neil comes and Sam looks at him. He sits with Piyali. Samudra’s representative gives the presentation. They all are shocked to see its same presentation what Birdsong made and ditto tagline which Arjun gave them.

Samrat and Piyali look at everyone. The staff comes back to office. Piyali says how did our presentation reach Samudra, who can do this. Arjun says they have to pay, I got a day time from Maybelline. Samrat says no use, they can still leak it, we have to find that person. Bonnie comes and says she has to say something. Radhika says who can do this Sam. Sam says I don’t know, we have to think some solution. Zubin comes and says Piyali just Radhika in conference room. Radhika comes to them and asks what happened.

Piyali asks her to come in, Sam looks on from outside. Bonnie shows the recording of Radhika and Chirag. Radhika says this.. Piyali asks does she know Chirag. Radhika says Chirag, he met during market research, I don’t know him. She asks who is he. Arjun says Chirag Sahani, Samudra’s manager, whats in that packet. Radhika says it had cosmetics for his wife. Arjun questions her. Radhika says he told me that, what happened. Arjun asks how much money did she get to sell birdsong.

Radhika asks money? Arjun says that packet had money right. Radhika says no, it has makeup items, I have that packet, I can bring it and show you, why will I do this. Sam goes to get her bag and gets money in the packet. Radhika is shocked. Bonnie says its lots of makeup. Radhika says Sam, this is not my money and gets teary eyed. Bonnie says yes, it belongs to Samudra. Samrat says Radhika…. Radhika tries to defend and says why will I do this.

Sam says Radhika can’t do this, its impossible. Zubin, Kritika and Tejh also support her. Sam says I m sure someone is trapping her, Radhika did a lot for us, why will she do this. Radhika says I don’t know anything and cries. Piyali asks Mrs. Chadda to call police. Sam says don’t call police, I will talk to mum.

Sam asks Piyali does she really think Radhika can do this with them. Piyali says whats seen is not always true. Sam says you are doubting on Radhika, the one who has ended their distance. She asks her to check before concluding. Piyali says I don’t have time, we have to make a new presentation till tomorrow. Sam says Radhika needs out trust now. Piyali says Birdsong needs us now. Sam says its just account, no big deal. Samrat comes and says birdsong has many loans, this Maybelline account was big for us, it could end all our losses.

He says birdsong was Piyali and my dream. He picks the broken glass and says sometimes broken dreams hurt and his hand gets hurt. He says we have to shut birdsong if things get more worse. He consoles Piyali. Sam looks on. Kritika asks Radhika not to take tension, Sam will make things fine. Sam comes and they ask what happened. Sam says no need to call police. They all smile.

Radhika says I told Piyali and Sam will never doubt on me, lets work on tomorrow’s presentation and we will think later how did the money came in my bag, come. Sam stops her and says she can’t become a part of this presentation. Radhika says but Sam. Sam says please go home. Radhika recalls her dreams and takes her bag. She gets sad and cries. Manmarziyan………….plays…………. She slips and Arjun holds her. He asks her to be careful, as things broken can’t get fine, like her trust. She says I did not do anything. He says I know. She is stunned.

Arjun tells Radhika that this is the price of your trust, have this nuts on the way. Sam and Neil come to Radhika and say they trust her, and stop crying, the presentation needs her.

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