Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st June 2015 Written Episode

Paridhi asks Ahem to go home, take bath and come back to do the puja. Ahem says he didn’t have time to go and come. He takes bath there itself. Gopi is seen in the hospital while Kokila is doing Maha Mrityunjay Jaap in the temple. Ahem comes wearing clothes for the puja. Mansi is shocked to see his attire. Paridhi gives the thaal for the puja. Ahem sits down for the puja. Paridhi instructs him to do the puja. Ahem starts doing the puja and aarti. Doctor checks Gopi and is tensed. Kokila is doing the jaap. Ahem ties the holy thread on the tree for Gopi’s well being. He recalls their marriage. Mansi looks on sad. Nurse informs the doctor that Gopi’s BP has fallen down.

Ahem keeps on tying the holy thread to the holy tree. Meera and Mansi look on sadly. Kokila is still doing jaap. Mansi tells Meera that she can’t believe that Ahem is fasting and doing puja for Gopi. Paridhi reads the vrat savitri path while Ahem hears her. Ahem recalls Gopi falling off from the top. Paridhi tells how the Savitri saved her husband. Ahem recalls Gopi praising Ahem. Ahem asks whether these kind of miracle happen even now. Paridhi says it is about your trust on the puja. Ahem asks about Shama Aachna. Paridhi tells about apologizing to God. Ahem apologizes to God, if he did any mistake while doing puja. He folds his hand and requests for Gopi’s life while crying.

Ahem apologizes to God for refusing Gopi. He cries with true heart and says he tried to break sacred relation. He says I am a very bad guy and didn’t understand her worth. HE asks God not to punish Gopi and punish him instead. He says why you are snatching her from me. How can you punish her for my sins. Meera asks what has happened to dad. Mansi says she is surprised. Doctor informs that Gopi’s condition is critical. Paridhi gives needle and thread to Ahem. He says he will wear it. Everyone looks on surprisingly. Kokila looks at Ahem and continue her puja. Vidya calls Ahem and asks him to come to hospital urgently. She weeps and informs that Gopi is serious. Ahem says he is reaching soon. Paridhi says she will inform Kokila. She informs Kokila, but she continues her puja. Paridhi says she will go and leaves.

Ahem and Pari go to hospital. Doctor says Gopi’s condition is serious and she didn’t respond for the treatment. She can die at anytime. Vidya cries. Ahem asks him to save Gopi anyhow. Ahem says he will go inside the ward. Doctor asks him not to go. Ahem goes inside and looks at Gopi emotionally. Saathiya sad song plays…………He looks at her.

Doctor tells that they have to give shock treatment to Gopi as the last option and gives it. Nurse says we lost her. Ahem cries.

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