Sasuraal Simar Ka 1st June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Prem says i dont wanna play with you anymore and dont ever think i will bet on simar. Rajveer says think about.. Prem says shut up and leaves.

Rajveer says i am not using naag maani so they are responsible for their loss, i want to shatter their relations, I will make prem bet on simar. i wont cheat and i wont use the maani.
Sujata says prem is so late how will simar eat something. Mausi ji says to prem how can i our plan flop. He says we will make it before tonight maa.
Prem comes home. he looks at simar and recalls what rajveer said. simar says where were you? we have been waiting for you? simar says you sounded happy on call? you said you will bring everything home. what happened? prem says pardon me simar, i couldn’t gift you what i wanted to. Simar says you are my present. The most precious gift for me is you. I pray that we always stay like this forever. We will face everything together. Prem hugs her. Mausi ji sees them and says i can’t see them happy like this i have to answer them. What will we answer to the person who has helped us being here. Rajver says dont worry we wont disappoint that person, i will come home when we talk. Rajveer says nothing can get you out of my game prem.

Maya overhears them talking, she says there is someone helping them? i need to know who that is. i need to know what new game are they playing.
simar starts the pooja. Prem recalls what rajveer said and then simar saying that you are my real gift, i want to face all these problems with you. Simar tells him about sid. He is dazed and happy.

Mausi ji says aryan come here. Prem says our family is doing pooja here and you are not part of us so stand there aryan. Mausi ji says when will this pooja end? The people who are done should go in. mata ji says simar get done with your pooja we are going to our room. Prem says pardon me simar. simar says why are you apologizing, you were not here but you were with me. She says i know you must not have eaten something. come lets eat together. he makes her drink water and they both make each other eat. Prem says if i make a mistake will you pardon me? Simar says i can’t answer that prem. Because i know you never will. Whatever you have decided, they were all taking me and family in consideration. they can never be a mistake. prem hugs her, simar says lets eat i am hungry i know you must be too. prem says you trust me so much, simar says i know you still blame yourself. Prem and simar make each other eat they are both in tears. Prem says i dont want to give you any kind of pain.

Maya says one thing is clear, there is someone else as well who is helping them. That man is more powerful than them. That man is interested in my maani as well. who could it be? Roli says who could it be? simar says we will figure that out soon. Rajveer comes home and says aryan. sid says dont worry i will manage. Rajveer says all of you come downstairs. They all come. Rajveer says aryan you are coming from that room where mata ji and her family was talking? Sid says you asked me to keep an eye on them so they don’t conspire against you. Rajveer says aryan you have to kick out every member of bhaardwaj family from my house. Rajveer says kick them all out. Mausi ji says can’t you hear what you master is saying? or is it something wrong with you? Sid says in heart i am sorry mata ji but i have to stay aryan if we have to win our house and stuf back. mausi ji says let me help you, she shoves them out. mata ji says stop it we are going. Khushi says why should we go? what is our mistake? pari says where will we go? uma says mausi ji make us your servant we will live the way you want us to. mata ji says i wont live here for a moment, simar says we cant leave this house. mata ji says if we stay here things would go worse. pari says mausi ji please dont kick us out.

Precap-Rajver says if you play on simar, i wont kick your family out. i have the maani and i can get anything by using it. Follow me if you want to play it. .

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