Jamai Raja 1st June 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with DD realizing that Shiv is lying and his memeory is intact. She asks him to get out of her house. Roshni enters and asks DD not to send dad out and apologizes her for telling lie. DD asks Naani and others even if they lied. They bent their heads. Sid says he wanted to reunite her family forgetting her past. She says she does not know her past at all. She says she herself will leave this house if Shiv does not go. Sid says it is her house and he will go and tries to walk out. Roshni stops him and says he cannot leave her. She says DD that she needs both mom and dad.

DD brings rope. Kesar gets afraid and asks if she wants to suicide. She says she will divide house and whoever wants to stay with her can come to her side and who loves Shiv can stay with him. Kesar and Naani come on DD’s side and Kesar says DD is his mother and if she had not been, he would have died long ago. Mona and Roshni stand on Shiv’s side. DD says Mona loves her brother more than him and Roshni her dad more than mom, so they will never talk to her again. Even their kitchens will be divided now.

Roshni starts crying vigorously. Shiv tries to console her and says he will leave this house soon. Sid says if he leaves, he will leave a big void in Roshni’s life, like a void when nail is removed from wall. He says Roshni knows her mom also loves dad and will need some time to acknowledge it, so she cannot let go either of them. he continues that Shiv should trust Roshni and wait until she reunites whole family again.

Shiv leaves leaving Roshni and Sid alone. Sid sits next to Roshni and consoles her. She says the love string is broken now. He says love string cannot be broken. He continues and tells her mom started loving her dad again, but suddenly once she knew dad’s memory is intact, she started hating him again. Their love is not an infatuation and age old, so they will reunite soon. roshni asks if this will happen. He says yes and they both will make them realize their love.

Precap: Simran tells Roshni that she is taking good care of Biji. she tells Kritika about Sid’s childhood friend whom they used to taunt that Sid will marry her. Kritika says then she is perfect for Sid.

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