Reporters 1st June 2015 Written Episode

Khalid tells Ananya KKN will take her responsibility as she is working for #1 channel, but what if they get home ministry’s call asking why did they interview traitor whithout informing them. Ananya says he has another option also. Kabeer says he will sign it. She says it is not his story. Khalid asks them to relax and tries to speak. Ananya says she knows he wants to say he is favoring her.

Ronnie asks Manav where is Ananya. Manav says she must be preparing for baghi/traitor Madhav nath’s interview. He gets his khabri’s call who frightens him that he will risk his life if he interviews Madhav, even Kabeer is not going because of this. Manav thinks even he will not risk his life.

Ananya asks Khalid why is he hyping Madhav’s interview. She gets Madhav’s call who asks her to meet him in 1 hour and not to inform anyone. she informs Kabeer that Madhav called her at Mazhabgarh. He says they will have a final meeting. He calls inspector Khurana to brief Manav and Ananya about safety measures. Manav asks what measures. Khurana says traitors have killed 4 govt officers and 3 reporters till now. Manav gets afraid. Kabeer asks him not to frigthen Manav. Khurana tells Manav not to receive phone during interview and make them believe they are very friendly. He asks where are they meeting Madhav. Ananya says he did not give exact location.

Manav walks out saying he is going to washroom, calls his khabri and asks if Madhav is very dangerous. Khabri says it is like asking bull to hit and says Madhav wants publicity for his film, but why is he risking his life. Manav says he will not make Kabeer make him a safegoat. He joins back team and hears Khurana suggesting Ananya not to call or pick call till they reach a far distance. Manav starts acting as getting appendicitis attack. Khalid asks who is his doctor. Manav does not reply anything. Khalid says Kabeer he will not let Manav go. Kabeer says in this situation he will go with Ananya. Manav gets jealous. Kabeer drops him out of board room and asks Trisha to take good care of Manav. He tells Ananya to prepare as it is show time. He reminisces how he made Ananya agree to accompany him by asking his khabri laxman to frigthen Manav’s khabri. He calls laxman and says his work is done and tels himself Ananya cannot deny him and he does whatever he feels good.

Ananya walks into Kabeer’s cabin. He asks her to wait for 2 min and aks if she wants to talk something important. She says he did what was she fearing about. She says she knows he hates her and even she hates him, even then she is allowing him to accompanhy him for interview. He asks allow?? She says yes and says she is taking to clear his favors. He thanks her and says he is really grateful to her and he does not care taking help. She angrily walks out.

Trisha makes manav sit on sofa and asks if he needs soda. He says yes. Sunny comes and asks how is Manav. Trisha says he needs surgery. Sunny says even his daadi had appendicitis and asks if he is having severe pain. Kabeer comes and asks Manav if he needs something. Manav says he pranked him and trapped. Kabeer says even he did the same by making Ananya as his partner. He asks Trisha to take care of Manav and not leave him alone. He says he will handle interview and leaves.

Ananya calls her mom and tells she will be late as she is going for an important interview. Mom asks her to have food at office and says she will be very tensed if she comes late. Ananya asks her not to irk her. Mom asks her to relax and asks what happened. Ananya says sorry and says I love you. Ronnie comes and asks Ananya if she informed mom whose interview she is going to take. She says she will be tensed and asks him to hug and wish him good luck. He wishes her to have energy to face kabeer sharma.

Kabeer asks Sunny if he kept camera in car. He says yes. He then tells Ananya that he cannot be always with her, so he will give his vahe guru pic who will protect her. She th anks him, walks near Kabeer and waits for him until he finishes his talk with Khalid and Malvika. Kabeer joins her and they both leave for interview.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.

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