Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 2nd June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Bhushan says sherya chachi is waiting for your downstairs and you are sitting here with your friend, everyone is there. Sherya says she has come after so long, Bhushan says chahchi has come after so long as well.
Sherya comes downstairs with bhushan, chachi meets him. She says you are beautiful. She says look what have i brought for you. its a bed cover, sherya says its really good but i can’t use it, it doesn’t go with decor of my room. everyone is shocked and taken aback. Sherya says i said what i felt like. she goes upstairs, bhushan follows her.

Bhushan says what is this sherya? she brought is with so much love how can you be so rude to her.
Bhushan says its not about the cover, in my family here we think about others before we think about ourselves. Look at mummy and vinati bahbhi, learn something from them. Sherya says i am sorry. He says sorry wont work.
Bhushan says sorry wont work you have to get that bed cover back as well. Sherya goes downstairs.

Chachi says so she is not from joint family. Dadi says she is the only child of her parents she has lived alone all her life. Sherya comes. dadi says what happened sherya? Sherya takes the bed cover from chachi. Sherya says i am sorry if you didn’t like what i said. Forgive me if you can. She leaves.

precap-Amar says sherya is bringing the lunch today. Bhushan says you are amazing sometimes. there is only one lunch box. Bhsuhan says what is this? Sherya says i thought i should bring for you only. bhushan says think about others too.

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