Shastri Sisters 2nd June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kajal coming to Anu’s room. She adds the medicine in water and looks on. Anu drinks the water. Kajal smiles and leaves. Leela acts sweet to Sareen and flirts. She asks him to come, and have food. Anu gets ready and gets head ache. Kajal comes to her and tells her about giving a pillow to Minty. Anu goes to give pillow to Minty. Anu goes there and Sareen sees her. Leela signs Kajal. Anu gives the pillow and comes out. Kajal follows her. Sareen eats the food and likes it. He tells Leela that she made it by her heart. Kajal says its famous parathas, she made very tasty one. Sareen asks her to make it here, she will get famous. Anu comes out of the room and holds her head.

Kajal goes to Minty and comes to Sareen. She says Minty is not answering her when she tried to wake her. Sareen rushes to her and tries to wake her up. He gets worried. Minty wakes up and says someone has kept the pillow on her. Kajal says no, this can’t happen. Sareen asks her to say what is the matter. Kajal tells about Anu taking the pillow. Sareen asks Leela go to confront Anu. Sareen asks what did she do, she can misbehave with them, she does not give any answer and says she does not remember anything.

He says he felt she and Minty will solve it, but she is doing too much now, things can get worse. Anu asks what is he saying, she does not understand. Sareen asks her to understand, think well, if he can love her, he can get angry on her too. He leaves. Sareen worries for Minty and sits with her. Minty cries and says anyone can get afraid in such situation. Sareen pacifies her. Rohan tells Alka that they should leave soon. He gets a call and gets glad. He tells Alka that he is shortlisted for interview.

Alka thinks what happened yesterday that Rohan is not telling me about Astha. Alka comes to meet Peeya and says I think Devyaani likes her friends. She asks her to come soon, she called Rohan for dinner here. Neil looks at a shirt and recalls Devyaani’s words and their old sweet moments. He gets ready in the blue shirt she likes. Kajal sees him. He asks about mum. She says Minty is sleeping. He says tell her I m going for some work, and will be back before dinner. She says fine. He goes. She says she knows his work, but it won’t be done well, he will not be able to have dinner she makes. She pities on him.

Devyaani waits for Priya in the coffee house. Neil comes there. He gets courage to meet her and walks towards her, while she does not see him. Neil gets tensed and says hi Devyaani, I m Priya, will you be angry. She does not hear him and turns. She is shocked seeing Neil.

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