Hello Pratibha 2nd June 2015 Written Episode

In the night Partibha reads the letter and cries then Mahen takes it from Partibha and gets confused as to who would blackmail Pihu for money. Partibha starts to cry and says that all this happened to pihu and she did not even noticed. Partibha starts to get worried and fears that the blackmailer mght not have done something wrong to pihu.Mahen tells Partibha that Pihu is a smart girl and they will find her.Mahen tells Partibha that he talked to Pihu ‘s friend’s and tey were worried andhe feels that they may know the reason behind the disappearence of Pihu. And they are not telling it. Partibha that they atlast must involve the police and Mahen also agrees. Sunidhi is thinking that if Partibha finds any clue then all of her plan will fail but she is confident that she left no clue and no one will suspect her.Sanjeed scolds Sunidhi that everyone is tense and she is laughing Sunidhi says that that what she should do create a scene like Partibha or cry.Sanjeed then asks Sunidhi if she is hiding something and then she gets scared .Sunidhi tells Sanjeed that he should trust her the same way in which he scolds her because she is his wife.then suddenly the doorbell rings and Mahen and Partibha come and Mahen tells that this must be the police Sanjeed asks why they have informed the police and Mahen then says it is a matter for the policenow.as they found the blackmailers letter from Pihus room.Mahen then opens the door and asks the police to come in .Partibha sys that she msseged her for the last timearond six .the police asks if they talked to her then Sanjeed says that they did not talked to her as they thought that ihu was in her room sleeping but she had already left the house by then. Partibha then says that she knows where pihu is meanwhile Pihu is walking and sees some refreshments and hurriedly searches her bag to find money as she is hungery but does not find the money.Pihu listens to two men talking about a girl.Then one of them sees Pihu and talking that they feel that she belongs toa rich family.Sanjeed then says that if Partibha’s suspect comes true then everything will get solved .his mother says hat Partibha is not a fortune teller ad she is confident that Pihu will not be there .Sunidhi says that if Partibha’s suspect is true then it will be confirmed then pihu wants to run away and Partbha didi will will be disherarted to learn that her own children want to go way from her.Sunidhi tells Sanjeed to calm down as Pihu will not come back is he is tense. Sunidhandi then goes to another room and calls the blackmailer to tell him to pack his bags andget of the city as soon as possible.Partibha is asking everyone on the city for Pihu even in the market and the transport.Partiba tells Mahen to go to left and she will go to right believing that they will he quickely that way then Pihu is woken whe to drunk men throw their bottle and ask pihu to come out orelse they will throw another bottle.Partiba then asks another lady if she has seen pihu.and both of them and the police continue their search.pihu is surrounded by the two men and is scared and suddenly Partibha comes and ask the shopkeeper he tells her that he cannot remember where he saw her and Partibha moves forward .and then turns back and sees pihu shoe and collects it. Pihu runs away and hides in a bus and when comes out then the chase begins.then atlast they both cath her and when they are taking her Partibha comes seeing the other way .Pihu tries to get free but they take her away.Then when she is about to leaveshe turns back and finds Pihu Partibha demand to the men to releae her but they refuse and take her away.Pihu bites one of thenm and runs back Partibha takes up a pole and tells them to back off and hits one of them which forces them to flee then Partibha hugs Pihu and suddenly the man hits Partbha with a pole and Mahen then comes and saves them but Partibha is hurt and is unconscious.

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