Manmarziyan 2nd June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika seeing Chirag’s name flashing on the screen. Samrat dances with Radhika. Arjun looks on and goes after Bonzo. He comes out of the hall and Bonzo brings him to Sam. Arjun sees Neil, as Sam pushes him. Neil asks Sam to come. Neil brings her. Arjun sees her in the red saree he gifted her and smiles. Sam holds Neil’s hand. Manmarziyan…………..plays………… Sam says our journey started with Bonzo and today he has come to take us on the new journey, I wonder what will be your answer, Bow or Bow Bow. Neil smiles. Sam says what am I saying and gets tensed.

She says she has come to say whats between them. She sees Neil and he sends her to Arjun. Jaldi na karna yara…………plays…………….. She says I love you and looks at Arjun. Neil steps back and Sam holds his hand. Arjun says the love does not have strength if she needs any support to express it. Neil frees his hand and brings her to Arjun. He gives her hand to Arjun, and leaves. Sam looks at him. Arjun holds her and turns her towards him. Neil smiles and leaves. Sam turns again and does not see Neil. Neil comes in the party and cries.

Samrat thanks Radhika for saving birdsong and uniting Piyali and Sam. Radhika smiles. She sees Bonnie dancing and goes to her. Tejh stops her and says lets dance. Radhika tells him about Bonnie. She says her bag. Tejh says Bonnie and her bag, everything is gorgeous. She says she wants her phone, they have all proof in it. Sam tells Arjun that he got trapped. Arjun says she is trapped, she is on the point where he wanted her. Arjun sees Neil alone and drinking. Sam tells Arjun that first dance will be with some. She stops Neil and asks DJ to play music.

Neil dances like Raveena as Sam addresses him. Everyone laugh. Tip tip barsa pani………………play…………… Sam holds his hand and dances along. Sam and Neil smile. Arjun looks on. Neil holds her close and recalls all their moments. Arjun comes to him and says love is strange, it changes relation, I was your boss and now our relation changed because of Sam’s love. Neil says the relation will exist till Sam stays happy, her one tear will end this relation. Arjun says tears flow in love, he will learn when he understands, come Sam. He takes Sam along. Neil gets sad seeing them. Sam hugs Piyali and Arjun bonds with them.

Radhika tells Tejh that Bonnie may take money from Chirag, she has seen his name on her phone. Tejh says she can ask her, she will say truth. Radhika says she won’t say, if she is wrong, she will apologize, if he is wrong, they will know the truth. They see her bag kept at the desk and he asks her to get it. Arjun talks to Samrat and hugs him. Piyali asks Arjun to come home after party. He tells Piyali that he will come next time. Arjun asks Sam to go home, he will come later, he has a meeting. Bonnie asks Tejh to hold her bag, she is going washroom. Radhika takes it from him and gets the phone. She asks the password, he knows it. He refuses. She says they will know if Bonnie is innocent. Bonnie comes and takes back her purse. Radhika goes to Sam. Sam tells Radhika that she told Arjun, is she not happy. Radhika says I think Bonnie is framing me with Chirag. Sam asks are you sure.

Radhika says Bonnie knows Chirag, she got his call. Sam smiles and says even I have his number, we are in same industry, I know him and his boss too, did I keep money in your bag. She asks how did they meet in Rishikesh, relax, don’t think, we will find tomorrow. Radhika asks is she not going with Arjun. Sam says no, he is busy in some meeting. Radhika says I will get my bag, and goes out. She sees Arjun leaving with Bonnie. She gets stunned.

Radhika talks to Dada ji and tells about her doubt on Bonnie. She tells Tejh that she has to go to Bonnie’s home to get proof and he gets her home keys. Arjun stops Radhika..

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