Swaragini 2nd June 2015 Written Episode

Everyone wait for Laksh to gain consciousness. Sanskar brings Swara forcibly inside the house. Durga Prasad tells Sujata that Laksh is gaining consciousness and you will know my decision soon. He says Laksh will be punished if he is guilty. Sanskar tells Swara that Laksh is injured with blood stains. Laksh gains consciousness and sees Durga Prasad. Annapurna says your papa brought you here. Laksh asks about Ragini. Annapurna tells that she is out of danger now. Durga Prasad says I wants to talk about Swara. Annapurna says Laksh just got better. Laksh says he will tell and asks him to ask. Durga Prasad asks, whether you and Swara love each other. Laksh tells Swara rejecting his love proposal and says no. Everyone is shocked.

Sujata says Laksh is lying infront of Durga Prasad. Laksh says he didn’t say anything wrong. He says this is half truth. He says I understood that relations end with half truth. Durga Prasad asks what you wants to say? Laksh accepts to love Swara and says I will love her always, but she never loved me and will never be. Infact she doesn’t want to see my face and hates me. Sujata asks why did you act to get engaged to Ragini. Laksh says he was scared seeing Sanskar’s condition. He says he was punishing himself for his doings.

He says Swara went far from me, because of my mistakes. Durga Prasad says so you meant to say……Laksh asks him to give him a chance to speak up. He says he agreed to marry Ragini for Sanskar. He says he looked at his own advantage. He says when you kicked Sanskar bhai out of the house, you felt the same pain like others. I can understand now. I knew that you won’t accept Swara, and Swara also won’t give me a second chance. He says I loves Swara very much and can’t give her place to anyone.

Durga Prasad says what do you wants to do? Laksh says I will take care of myself. I wants to become a responsible person and a good son. From today, I will do as you says. Annapurna gets happy. Laksh says you can punish me and I am ready to accept your punishment. Durga Prasad says I am ready to forgive you, but Swara or Ragini can’t come in the house. Laksh nods. Swara goes angrily. Sanskar bangs his head angrily. Laksh holds Durga Prasad’s hand and asks him to return home. He says I can’t do anything without you.

Durga Prasad gets emotional and holds his hand. Sujata and Sanskar looks shocked. Sanskar acts as a mad guy and says he is very bad, throw him out. Durga Prasad says to Sujata that her son can stay in the house. He will be treated by the doctor and not Ragini. Once he gets well, your family can go anywhere. He leaves the decision on Utara and reminds Laksh that he will never accept Swara. Laksh says okay and says I won’t go against you.

Razia is on the way and thinks about Laksh and Durga Prasad’s conversation. Shekhar asks Sumi, if you are worried for Swara and Ragini. Sumi says we shall give some time to Ragini. Dadi makes Ragini eat the tablets, saying you have to fight for your rights. Swara comes and knocks on the door. Dadi looks on angrily. Swara comes inside. Dadi asks what are you doing here and asks her to get out. Swara says she wants to talk to Ragini only once. Dadi stops her. Swara insists. Dadi asks her to get out. Swara asks for 5 mins. Ragini says she don’t want to talk to her. Swara asks shall I come tomorrow. Ragini says don’t come here again. Dadi smirks and asks her to get out. Swara is shocked and goes.

Laksh imagines seeing Swara coming in his bed room and making him eat the tablets. Utara comes. Laksh looks on and misses her. Doctor tells that Laksh’s condition is better now. Everyone smiles. Swara opens the door and sees Ragini coming home. Ragini doesn’t talk to her. Swara cries.

Sumi tells Shekhar that Ragini is not talking to Swara since 15 days. Shekhar says he will talk to Ragini. Adarsh tells Durga Prasad about the strike in the factory. All the workers go on a strike and take Durga Prasad’s name.

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