Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 2 3rd June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kalindi saying she has done puja for Astha, she feels she is right and argues with Ajju and Kalindi. She says she has seen Astha and Indrajeet happy with each other, I don’t want to snatch their happiness. Indrajeet talks to the pandit and pandit says the mahurats, and why is he making it done soon. He asks him to do his work and pays Dakshina, asking him to get 4 days later mahurat, and say the same to his wife. The pandit says fine. Indrajeet asks Apsara to call Astha. Avdhoot says he has to explain Kalindi that Astha’s happiness is with Shlok, not Indrajeet.

Astha comes to Indrajeet and he tells her that the mahurat is after 4 days, as the other mahurat is not auspicious. She gets stunned. Astha says it will be very soon, don’t you think it will be very soon. He says if pandit is saying its auspicious mahurat, we will manage, its by rituals, we should go with it. She agrees. He asks her if she is feeling its soon, he will go with the old date, he does not believe in mahurat. She says no, marriage will happen as per the mahurat, so its final we will marry after 4 days. Apsara looks on. Indrajeet smiles and talks to pandit.

Varad gets a call and says send me the papers, I will take Shlok’s sign and send you back. He asks Sojal about Shlok. Sojal says he went in morning. Shlok comes and says he went to hospital, to study similar case as Astha, what they did to make state well and what medicines they gave. He says its imp to bring Astha back. Chowksi says you will get a chance, he has kept fast to unite them. Apsara calls Shlok and she tells about Indrajeet’s plan to keep the marriage in 4 days. He asks why. She says I don’t know about it, we have less time, we have to do something, I will update you later, and ends the call. Shlok calls Surbhi and asks her to come home, its urgent.

Indrajeet recalls Astha’s words and thinks he has to control Astha, its good she said yes to marry soon, she should not meet Shlok again and recall her past, just few days, the time has come to make Astha and Kalindi meet on my conditions. He calls Kalindi and acts sweet. He says Astha is fine, and he has a good news. He asks her to come Mumbai to bless them, they are marrying. He invites her in marriage and she agrees to come being happy.

Surbhi tells Shlok that he tried a lot and there is no result. Shlok says I don’t know what to do, I will not let Indrajeet and Astha marry. Varad says Indrajeet will prove she is Barkha, he has all her ID cards, he has planned well. Its easy for him to prove us wrong, he will send the trust Astha has on Shlok. Sojal says what should we do. Varad says one way remains, to take Indrajeet’s children’s help. They all convince Shlok. Shlok says will it be fine to drag them in this. Varad says we have to prove Astha is Astha, your wife. He says we have less time. Shlok thinks and thinks maybe Varad is right, he should try this.

Shlok calls at Indrajeet’s home and ends call as Indrajeet picks the call. He calls again and talks to Shantanu. He asks him not to cut call and requests him to listen to him. He says he loved Sapna when they came to work in his house, and lovers unite in every love story, so Sapna should be with him, not his dad. He says I love you and Mishti a lot, but Sapna is my life, I can’t live without her, don’t you know you should help me, will you help me. Shantanu says I regard you friend, but dad will scold me, he tells me not to talk to you, you are bad. He says don’t call again and ends the call.

Shlok says Shantanu did not realize, what did Indrajeet tell them about me. Astha says I did not like idea to remarry, why did Indrajeet prepone the marriage, and thinks to find the truth. Indrajeet hears her and says he will not let her know the truth, sorry, it will be too late till she finds out, he has big surprise for her.

Indrajeet makes Kalindi meet Astha. Kalindi hugs Astha and cries.

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