Razia Sultan 3rd June 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Razia running towards royal hall and seeing blood flowing from stairs. Shazia comes running and tells their whole family is finished. She runs to a room and sees blind Nasir in the midst of his last breath with Fathima sitting near him. Shes takes him in her lap and asks Fathima to bring someone. Shaziya on the other side informs Yaldos about the incident and falls unconscious. Yaldos acts as surprised and runs out.

Altamash fights with killers and asks Shamshad to rescue youngest prince Yasir via secret route. She tries to run, but turkan’s eunuch dancer friend attacks her. Altamash fights with eunuch, but he overpowers and kills him.

Fathima runs out of place and informs Althunia that professional killers have attacked palace and are killing royal family. He asks where is Razia. She says even she is inside palace.

Eunuch then comes near Razia to kill her. she picks dagger and throws at him. Eunch removes dagger and speaks his usual one liner. Razia gets up, picks sword and provokes eunuch. Eunch attacks, but Razia overpowers him and pushes him on floor. Eunuch wakes up, counter attacks her and pushes her on floor. She gets up and sits eunuch’s throat. He falls on floor. She then stabs him repeatedly and kills him. Althunia reaches there and sees the incident shockingly.

Soldiers come in and asks if anyone is alive, to speak up. Turkan tries to wake up under a deadbody and murmurs that they will realize nobody is alive once deadbodies stink. Razia stands senselessly. Soldiers ask how will they find out sultan Altamash’s deadbody. They ask wAlthunia who is he and what is he doing here. He says he wants to help them identify dead bodies. They find half dead Altamash and rush him out for treatment. Razia senselessly looks at Althunia.

Precap: Yaldos drags Razia with him in front of Althunia. Althunia searches prince Yasir and Shamshad.

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