Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 3rd June 2015 Written Episode

Basundra/Vasundra is on her way to hotel. She recalls Kabir’s anger and says she had to hid truth about Viraj. She’s helpless because she doesn’t want to keep any connection to her past. She didn’t want her past to affect her. And she also doesn’t know much about Viraj, she has seen Viraj in news only all these years. The driver asks where she wants to go. She says to take her to Viraj’s sports academy. She asks the driver if she knows anything about Viraj. The driver says he just heard his name.

Roopam is taking Saurav’s class and is telling him rules that he will stay 2 feet away from Dolly, he won’t talk to her in Roopam’s absence. Dolly comes in and says she doesn’t want to talk to him anyway. He says how this will work if business partners don’t talk. Dolly tells Roopam to tell him that she doesn’t want to do any business with him. Nisha comes in. She asks Roopam why she’s holding stick. Roopam says she was taking Saurav and Dolly’s class, but now as she came, she will save her friends. Nisha tells her that she actually needed her help. She got into a problem and only she can solve it. Roopam says so now she knows her importance and asks her what she wants. Nisha says she wants her saree. Roopam says what! Nisha says not the one she’s wearing now. Saurav laughs. Roopam asks him to shush. Nisha says it’s her friend’s engagement and all her friends are wearing saree and as she knows, her mother wears so boring sarees. Nisha praises her and tries to get her show her sarees, but she says right now she has to take classes of those two. Dolly says to leave it, she doesn’t want to do any work with anyone. She leaves showing attitude to Saurav. Roopam tells Saurav to go home and forget all the rules now. She then asks Nisha to go with her and she will show her sarees. Roopam leaves. Nisha calls Saurav a duffer and asks him to get down to Dolly’s legs, say sorry, do anything, but make her agree.

Vasundra comes to the academy. She cries happily seeing Viraj’s name sign. She says it’s been 25 years, she hasn’t heard mom from him. He might have forgotten her, but she hasn’t forgotten him. By mistake, she presses the doorbell. She tries to leave, but a servant opens the door and asks who she is looking for. She asks Viraj Singh Rathore lives here? He says yes, but right now he has gone outside India. She can tell him her name, he will let him know. She says she came on wrong address, she is looking for some other Viraj. She leaves. In taxi, she asks herself what she is doing. She came for Kabir, and went to meet Viraj. The same Viraj whom she separated years ago. The driver asks they will go to hotel now, right? She says no, take to police station. She says in her mind, she will find Kabir now. Soon he will be in front of her.

Saurav comes to Dolly’s room. She asks him what he is doing there and asks him to leave from there right away. He says at least listen to him. She says she doesn’t want to talk about anything. He has bothered her enough already. She turns her face. Saurav follows her, turns her back, and covers her mouth. He says he didn’t come there to create any scene. He knows she’s upset. She can be upset, angry, can slap him, but tells her not to spoil her life because of him. Yes, he likes her, he loves her. Both eye lock. He continues, but that’s his problem. He never expected anything from her, and he will never expect anything. They are still good friends, nothing has changed. He always wanted good for her and he still wants good for her. He offered her business partnership because she is talented. She knows a lot more about handroom than him. He asks her to agree. They can take business very far. He says that’s all he wanted to say, now it’s her decision. Just never think he tries to force his decisions on her. He’s leaving, but Dolly stops him. He forwards her hand and asks business partners? He smiles and shakes hands with her. Both smile. Nisha comes in and says to join their hands, she had to fold her hands to Roopam. Saurav says and now she will have to wear that saree as well. Nisha tells Dolly everyone faces difficulties, but they come and go, so she hopes she can forget her past and… Dolly asks whether she will be able to forget Kabir? He’s leaving right? Nisha says she will try. Saurav asks should he try talking to him? Nisha says, there’s no point. He has decided to go to London. May be there is no importance of her in his life. She gets emotional. Saurav asks why she’s taking tension. Nisha says for now, she has his tension..what if chacha chachi see him. She asks him to leave and drop her home as well. Saurav tells his partner he will see her at 9 tomorrow. She says done. They leave. Dolly is happy.

A police inspector tells Vasundra how Kabir had to stay in jail without any mistake, and then person who had filed complaint took it back. She asked who was that. He says Virender Gangwal. She has an angry look. Inspector asks her if she’s alright. She says yes and asks if he can give her Kabir’s address. Inspector gives her. Vasundra says now this hide-and-seek is over.

Kabir gets call from her. He asks himself won’t he get upset after her hiding this big truth? He needs some time to get normal. He disconnects the call. He then picks up cups and rehearses how to confess to Nisha. Doorbell rings. He says she’s here and asks himself to focus. He’s very nervous. He practices once more before opening door. He opens the door with closed eyes and says, I love you Nisha. I will never leave you alone. Do you love me too? It’s Ramesh at the door. He says, nahi. Kabir gets surprised seeing Ramesh. He asks him you didn’t tell her this yet? He asks how he can tell. He’s very scared. Ramesh tells him not to think anything and just tell her. Kabir asks how? Ramesh says why are you asking me? Did I ask my sasur when I said I love you to Laxmi? Kabir confidently says, ok let Nisha come. I will tell her I love you. Ramesh says, not like a pahelwan (wrestler), that moment is special and important for girls, so with love. Kabir says, ok.. don’t worry. Ramesh sees two exact same cups and says wow, same cups for both. Kabir blushes. Ramesh asks so how he will say I Love You. Kabir says, same way as he said to him. Ramesh bangs his hand on his head and says seems like he will have to give him training. Ramesh becomes Kabir and Kabir becomes Nisha. Ramesh then proposes Kabir by asking him to sit and then singing a song. Kabir loves that idea and says he will propose Nisha the same way. Ramesh wishes him the best and leaves as Nisha must be coming now.

Nisha sees Ramesh and asks him if he’s going to store. He says yes. Nisha gives him Vasundra’s necklace and says she wants to fix that. Ramesh sees it and it looks familiar to him. He asks her from where she got that. Nisha tells him about the accident. Ramesh recalls him giving the necklace to Vasundra and her saying, she loved that necklace. He becomes thoughtful and says, Vasundra?

PRECAP (Thanks to richa): kabir is holding nishas hand and says nisha i want to say something to you and nisha asks him to speak and just then vasu entrs and say jojo and kabir is stunned.

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