Tere Sheher Mein 3rd June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Uma coming to meet Amaya. She argues with Rachita and Uma. Rachita says she did not come and asks her. Uma says she is worried for Mantu, she came to know she went with Mantu. She argues and Jaz says if Amaya is with Mantu, then its good, she will be safe. Uma says yes, what about my Mantu, he is innocent. Rachita scolds her. Uma says Amaya has got after Mantu and they argue. Jaz scolds Uma and defends Amaya. Uma and Jaz argue. Rachita asks Uma to leave, she is worried for Amaya. Uma says she is worried for Mantu. Jaz calls her illiterate and says Amaya is not interested in local guys of Banaras. Rachita asks them not to fight, do they know why are they together, and she can ask Mantu. She asks Uma to leave. Uma says she will sit here till Amaya comes and says what happened.

Amaya hears the doctor saying Chobey is shifted here in this ward. She sees him from far. Gajanand talks to Pushpa and asks her not to cry. She shows his hatred towards Amaya. Amaya cries. Pushpa asks did she meet you. He says he fell on the road, she came to me and I told her not to come to me, I don’t need her help, and she has left me there in that state. Pushpa is shocked. Gajanand says she did not turn to see me. Dinesh says its good a stranger saw dad and saved him. Gajanand says he don’t want to take any favor of that family, he would like to die.

The kid coughs and Mantu says he will get water. He gives him water and says his name is Mantu, he has a younger brother Chiklu, I love him. He asks his name. The kid says Bansi. Mantu asks his dad’s name, and where does he stay. The kid says the details. Mantu says why did Amaya not come till now. Amaya recalls Gajanand’s words and cries. She comes to Mantu and says she has seen outside, the goons may have gone, we will go soon. Mantu says we will call police and make the kid reach his home safe. The goons come there and they hide. Mantu says you said they left. Amaya says they were not there, sorry. Mantu says fine, we have to save Bansi. She says I will see them. He stops her.

She says she has an idea and goes to talk to the hospital staff member. He asks what is she doing here, Chobey family is finding him. She says she did not complain about him, as he wasted time. He says thanks, he will do anything. She asks him to come fast. She tells Mantu that he is the admin officer Subhash. She says I think we should leave kid with him. Mantu says idea is not bad, if goons see him. He removes Bansi’s tshirt. Subhash asks who is this kid. Mantu says goons are after this kid to kidnap him.

Rachita asks Jaz not to argue with Uma. Mantu gives the details to Subhash and asks him to make Bansi wear anything else, he will show this tshirt to the goons, so that they divert him. Amaya asks him to save him. Subhash says don’t worry, I will call police. Mantu says we have to keep goons away from the hospital till police comes. He asks Bansi to be here. He takes pillow and covers it with tshirt. Bansi says they both are very good. Mantu says everything will be fine, and leaves with Amaya. Mantu and Amaya run with the pillow and goons thinks its Bansi with them.

Amaya falls down and Mantu takes her. Amaya gets hurt and says she can’t walk now. Its leg sprain. Mantu asks her to try. Amaya asks him to run, he does not care for him, like he run after Uma in reception. Mantu says its limit, he says sorry as he is doing this without her permission. He lifts her and takes her. She says stop it, put me down. They come on the road and he takes an auto. They get inside the auto and ask driver to drive fast. Mantu says he saved their live. The goons follow them and stop the auto. Amaya says what will we do now. Uma says my mind is not working, I m having head ache, shall I make tea.

Jaz says there is nothing at home and asks her to boil water and have it. Rachita says its there in kitchen. Uma goes to make tea. Rachita says mum is on the way. The driver says they got down the auto and the goons try to find them. Amaya says its good we got down. Mantu says yes, we have to find a safe place. He says let me see the sprain. She asks him to run if goons come. He lifts her and they talk. Dheere dheere…………….plays…………. Mantu sees a stable and takes her there. They hide the goons and hide. She makes him fall and says goons have come. They get under the dry glass. The goons do not get them and leave. Amaya and Mantu have an eyelock.

Mantu sees the sprain and asks her not to make faces. He makes it right and asks her not to thank. She says I was not going to thank anyway..

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