Manmarziyan 3rd June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika telling Sam that she has seen Arjun going with Bonnie. Sam asks really. Radhika says they were in car. Sam says no, what am I doing, Arjun was with Bonnie, OMG, and starts laughing. She says she is spying a lot today, on whom will she plan next, relax, maybe Arjun gave her lift, don’t make stories, lets go now. Bonnie tells Arjun that she can get caught, she will not get job anywhere. Arjun says relax, Chirag will never speak up, focus on work. Bonnie says she has always supported him, if she is caught, then he will also be caught, so its better that she is safe. Arjun smiles. She gets down the car and leaves.

Its morning, Radhika talks to Dada ji on webcam while cooking. She tells him everything about her doubts on Bonnie. Dada ji asks her to talk when she has some proof. Sam talks to Mala and tells about Radhika cooking food. Mala asks Sam to make Radhika feed flour to a cow. Sam laughs and says she will find a cow in Mumbai. They come to office. Zubin and everyone tease Radhika showing the cow. Arjun and Bonnie come there. Radhika looks at them. Zubin says the cow has come and shows Bonnie. Sam says but the bull is very handsome and laughs seeing Arjun.

Radhika recalls her doubt on them and Dada ji’s words, that trust also asks for proof. Arjun gets a diamond ring. Bonnie asks is he really in love while acting. Arjun says its just a stone, which gives happiness and also a best cutter, this will cut Sam’s heart and she will be glad. She asks is he going to propose Sam. He says I m going to break her heart tonight. Bonnie holds him and Sam enters the cabin. Bonnie says I will come later. Sam asks Arjun to be careful of Bonnie, she traps good looking guy. He says I felt its your work.

She says it was, not its done. She says her spy has seen him and Bonnie together, she has doubt on him. Arjun laughs and asks and you? Sam says heart can have just one thing, love or doubt, and doubt will have to find place somewhere else. She asks him not to explain, she did not ask him. She asks is he busy in meeting tonight too. Arjun says he has time for her. She says lets go out tonight, I want Neil and you to spend time, its best combo to get friendship and love together. She leaves.

Radhika tells Tejh to help her. He says Bonnie can’t do this. She asks him to prove her wrong. He says fine, I will get her phone. She says I don’t want her phone, we have to go her home, I m sure that we will get some clue there. He says what, are you… how will we get inside her house. She says by opening the door. He asks how. She smiles seeing him. Sam asks Neil to come. Neil says I m busy. She says with whom, get her to take my approval. Neil says he can’t come. Tejh shows Radhika the desk and drawer, they have to get keys. Radhika asks him to hurry up. He asks me? She sends him.

He hides and goes to the desk. He gets the keys and gives to Radhika. Arjun comes to Radhika and recalls Sam’s words. He says its called stealing if they take anything from anyone’s desk, its bad thing, she might be knowing this. She slips and he holds him. She hides the keys. He asks her to give it. She shows her and empty. He says your other hand… She shows the pendrive. He asks why did she take Bonnie’s pendrive, what does it have. She says I was seeing Maybelline presentation. He asks her to ask next time. She nods. Arjun goes. Tejh says thank God, he went, lets go to Bonnie’s home. She says we can’t go, we have to go with Arjun. He asks what.

Neil says his date is different. Sam asks him where is he going, we are going to same place, how cool, we four can go there. He says no. She says we think same, we will leave together. She calls Arjun and says we will go on different date with Neil and his GF. Arjun says fine, reach there, I m going to meeting. Sam says she will come with Neil and leaves. Manmarziyan………..plays…………. Radhika falls on Arjun’s car to stop him.

Radhika does not see and the keys fall in the flour, and she feeds the cow. She says Tejh, we have to stay here, as the keys are in cow’s potty.

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