Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amma not being getting good intuition that Appa is leaving. Ishita comes and talks to them. She finds Amma worried and Appa tells the problem. Appa gets the call and tells them that the taxi met with an accident. Amma says what, its good he did not go. Ishita asks how did she know this. Amma says its not superstition but her intuition, if they love family a lot, they know whats good and bad for them. Ishita says do intuitions exist, even I m having it about him, I don’t know I m right or wrong, but if I m right then… I have to do something.

Raman meets a friend at his office and talks to him. Manav says about the tragedy in his life, plane crash. Ishita tries finding about Subbu’s story details of Laxmi’s plane crash, and gets to know its something fishy. Manav says I was engaged and finally we were going to marry, my fiancee died in plane crash. Raman says sorry, I also know someone who had similar tragedy a year ago. Manav says about 7 month old crash. Ishita says its 7 month old, Subbu said its one year old. Ishita tries to know more and says how can this happen, Subbu and Sujata’s story is different and this… Raman says sorry, I m sure I can’t say anything, but life can’t stop, it has to move on.

The man says he was unable to move on, and when he called, he felt maybe old friendship gives him a chance to start new life. Raman asks about the plane crash and Ishita thinks to call Raman. Raman goes to call her and the number is busy. They wait thinking they are busy on other calls. They decide to meet at coffee shop. Raman asks Manav to meet Mihir and know the work. Mihika tells Ishita to collect reports. Ishita says she has some imp work and gives the receipt to her. Mihika says why does she look worried, where is she going.

Raman and Ishita talk about the 7 month old flight crash and there is nothing matching, why did Subbu lie to me. He says I think we should tell mum. She says no, we should know the truth. He says I think we should tell Simmi. She says she has sent Mihika to collect reports. Mihika goes to collect reports. The man says reports have some problem and the doctor says we give patients to patient, or spouse or parents. Mihika asks is everything ok. The doctor says we have to do some more tests, nothing to worry. Mihika says thanks.

Raman and Ishita come home and ask about Simmi. Raman says he has to discuss something. They ask him about what. Raman says its about Subbu, he is hiding some truth. Simmi comes and says she knows the truth, Subbu told her everything. Subbu walks in and says I felt truth can’t be hidden further. They get puzzled. He says he has to tell them the truth, Laxmi did not die in plane crash, he could not tell it to his mum and Bala, she has jumped off 10th floor along with Karthik. They are shocked. He says she has left me alone forever and cries saying about her suicide.

Mihika asks Adi why is he upset. He says he is missing Ruhi, and for a change, its good Ishita made me join guitar classes. He plans to skip science class and takes her challenge. He says he does not like science and can do anything to get saved from it. Subbu apologizes for lying, and says Laxmi had depression, she has read Laxmi’s diary. He says he got some hope to live from Simmi and Ananya, Sujata saw my pain, she has lost her daughter and tried to make me move on in life.

He says he has hidden this, as he wanted to hide his pain, what would I say, that I m disturbed mentally and can’t forget her death, when Ishita confronted Sujata, I thought to tell Simmi the truth, what would I do, I lost so much in life. Simmi says they will not go away from him. She says she will marry Subbu, as she trusts him. Raman says he has also bear pain to lose family, don’t worry, we all are with you, we appreciate that you told us. Ishita thinks she can’t trust his story, he is still hiding something.

Raman says Simmi is lucky that she got an honest man. Ishita recalls in FB how Subbu did not use to drive the bike well and was caught by the constable. He lied to him that his mum is admitted in hospital and he missed the signal. He fools him. Ishita asks why did he lie about his mum. He says its fine to lie sometimes. Raman asks Ishita is she happy that Subbu is honest. She says to be true, I m not relieved and satisfied. They ask why is she saying this.

Ishita says she knows Subbu since childhood, he lies a lot, its his habit. Mrs. Bhalla says now he has changed, see our Romi, he always lies, but Subbu has bear a lot, is his pain a lie, he has lost his child. She asks her to forget everything and think about Simmi’s happiness. Raman says yes, if Simmi is happy, everything is going fine. Adi hears them. Raman talks to him and says he will drop him to science class. Adi refuses and says when will he play. Adi asks him not to force him. Raman insists and takes him.

Simmi finds Ishita still doubtful and goes to talk to her. Ishita recalls Subbu’s words. Simmi says I know you are unhappy, I know he lied to us, and defends Subbu. She asks her to forgive Subbu. Ishita says I want to see you happy. Simmi says I m very happy. Ishita says then its sorted and hugs her.

Ishita tells Mihika that Simmi is happy, I don’t want to break her happiness, I want to know the reason of Laxmi’s suicide. Mihika says her instincts are always right, I can help you with this.

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