Sasuraal Simar Ka 4th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
prem sits down in tears and says I have lost simar i knew everything. The song ‘noor e Khuda’ plays in background. He recalls his moments with simar. He recalls simar saying we wont let our relationship weaken. Rajveer saying this house business, maani and simar everything is mine. After tomorrow your simar will be mine. Prem swipes his tears he goes to the room, simar opens the door. she says i was coming to get you. She says whats wrong? why are you quite? come in. prem comes in and sits on the bed, simar says what is wrong with you? you can share it with me. he says simar today I.. Simar says yes? he says i made another big mistake today. Simar says what? He goes out of the room, simar says please stop. He leaves. simar says what is he talking about?

mausi ji says bharadwajs would never have thought this. prem has lost simar, it will be so much fun when simar gets to know. jiji will love this movie. Rajveer says this will happen, they can’t come out of the game. We will be enjoying it. rajveer gets a call, he says okay. Mausi ji says what happened? they call? rajveer says that person has asked me to come to jaipur. Rajveer says yes i think i should send aryan. mausi ji says yes thats better, rajveer says aryan come here. he says you have to go to jaipur, i will tell you whom you have to meet and what to do. The person you are gonna meet is really important so be careful about it.

Roli, maya and sid come to simar, roli says what happened? simar says what are you all doing here at this time? come in. sid says where is prem? simar syas he went out for some work. sid says did he tell you something? sima says no. why you look worried? Sid says we found the way how will we reach the third partner of mausi ji and rajveer. roli says rajveer is sending sid to jaipur to meet that person. lets decide what we have to do next.

Scene 2
next morning, sid is in his car. roli sits on the backseat and they leave. Rajveer couldn’t see her. simar says God please help roli and simar. Sid says why are you staring at me? Do you think i am aryan. She says what if i get to know you are aryan when we reach jaipur. He says you can ask any question about our life together. She says so here is the first question? why is today special? he says its really special. She says so special that you dont even remember? he says you know when i am with you i forget everything. She says you really don’t remember. she returns him the ring. She says you dont even remember why today is special. Roli says we became one today. He says roi, dont cry. Actually i knew it. its our wedding anniversary. he goes out of the car and says i am coming in few minutes.

Prem says i can’t believe how can i bet on simar. simar comes in prem is shocked.
Sid comes in the car again with a rose, he gives it to her. he says happy anniversary. And sorry and thank you. Roli says if you think you can make me smile easily then no you can’t. He holds her hand and says you have to. we can’t waste time on this. Roli takes her hand back and says oh means you are really angry. He says today i ask you will you marry me again? She gives him her hand and he makes her wear the ring. She says you know this finger goes directly to heart. We bind each other by heart. Sid says i promise this ring will bind our hearts together i promise, he hugs her. He says i love you.


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