Jamai Raja 4th June 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Roshni realizing her mistake and calling Sid. She apologizes him and says she would have realized he would have divorced her under some pressure. He asks her not to worry as he will be her friend forever. They continue their conversation and roshni’s bracelet breaks. She worriedly tells sid about it and asks if their friendship will break. He says it is just bracelet. Photo frame breaks from his hand just then and he injures his hand. She asks what happened. He says photoframe broke. she gets more worried. He asks her not to worry and assures her. Just then a woman is seen getting out of car and walking and meeting ugly Kritika and dumb Simran. She is Nisha, Sid’s childhood friend.

Biji asks servant to close all windows seeing climatic change and asks where are other family members. He says everyone have gone out. Raj comes just then and asks servant where is Simran. He says she went out with Kritika. He calls her and asks where is she. She says she came to meet a friend.

Simran tells Disha that Sid is being controlled by roshni and her family and they have made his life hell. He wanders around only Roshni even after divorcing him, so she wants her to get him out of Roshni and her family’s clutch. She says Sid still cares for her and searched her everywhere after she left London with her family and says she is perfect for Sid. Disha silently listens to her.

DD gets a consul member’s call who inform that she will be honored with an award. She says she is out of town and cannot accept it. Naani hears that and asks Kesar why did she tell lie. He says even he does not know and follows DD. Shiv and Roshhni are also surprised to hear that.

Roshni meets Sid and Raj in a restaurant and asks Sid a favor. Sid says she can take favor from waiter, but command him with right. she asks Raj if he is like this since childhood. He nods yes. She tells sid about consul award and DD rejecting it. Raj calls consul and gets info. He says roshni it is true and asks why DD is rejecting it. She says even she wants to know and needs Sid’s help.

Sid reaches DD’s house and asks Shiv if he remembers any reason. He says DD has stage fear and she once ran out in between speech. He says he will get her fear out.

Sid, Roshni and Raj wait for a restaurant lift. Raj asks Roshni to order her favorite food. Sid says he will eat whatever comes. Raj’s employee informs him at some lady wants to me meet him and he leaves. Sid gets into lift with Roshni and Nisha also gets in. Lift breaks down and they all get stuck. Raj opens door and helps Sid out. Sid tries to lift Roshni, but Nisha gives her hand instead. He lifts her and she falls on him. He starts staring a her. Roshni comes out and is shocked to see them together.

Precap: Sid meets Shiv and Roshni and informs them about his plan to get DD’s stage fear out. Shiv sends DD romantic messages, her secretary reads it. She comes home and shouts at Shiv.

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