Swaragini 4th June 2015 Written Episode

Union Leader Ramesh comes out and tells the workers to calm down. He says I have talked to Durga Prasad and he said that he needs time to think about our proposal. The worker says that we were telling you the same thing and you said strike is essential. Laksh says you will stop the strike, just like you started agreeing to him. He asks don’t you people care about yourself. He asks why did you end this strike. The worker says because of Ramesh dada. Laksh says Ramesh is intelligent man and thinks about others. When we told him that we will be at loss with the strike, he didn’t agree. We gave him money to stop this strike. Everyone gets angry on Ramesh and apologizes to Durga Prasad. Sujata gets tensed. Laksh asks who asked you to do this strike.

Ramesh says someone called and asked me to do the strike. The worker picks the money and gives it to Laksh. Laksh asks him to return the money to Durga Prasad. Laksh goes to office. Adarsh and Durga Prasad are happy. Sanskar gets happy as his plan backfired. Sujata says she can’t understand how can Laksh be so clever and intelligent. Sanskar says it is love strength, which makes a good person bad and bad person good. He takes out someone’s photo from the frame. Sujata asks can’t you forget her? Sanskar says he can’t forget her and promises to give same pain to Laksh.

Durga Prasad tells Annapurna that Laksh has become matured. Annapurna says he is alone and pretending to be happy. She says I have seen his eyes’s loneliness. Durga Prasad says he can’t let Swara come home. Annapurna tells that Sanskar was lively and jovial, but tha one incident changed him. Sanskar recalls his happy moments with his girlfriend and her death. He wipes his tears.

Laksh looks at Swara’s photo on his mobile. Someone calls him and he says he is coming. It is shown that he came to meet Swara. He tells her hi. Swara turns and is shocked seeing him. Laksh says you called me here. He says your friend called me here. Swara says I came here to meet Ragini. Laksh says he didn’t asks anyone call her. Ragini comes and tells her that Laksh is not lying. Laksh says hi and asks how are you? Ragini asks how can I be fine? He says I don’t want to hear anyone, just wants to speak my heart out. You both have hurt my feelings. Swara says she didn’t do anything. Ragini says no one asks me about my preference. She says Laksh s the only man whom she loves all her life. She says Laksh betrayed me.

Laksh apologizes to her and says he didn’t want to hurt her. Ragini says you said it easily, but always used me, I could forgives you, but the truth will remain the same. You have used me for your advantage. She says she is tired of accepting people’s decisions. She takes out poison bottle and says it is enough for we three. She says she will die for sure, and asks who will come with me. She asks them to prove their love for her. She asks them to prove if she means anything to them. Swara cries. Ragini says she will drink and opens the bottle.

Swara says she hates Laksh and says Ragini is my family. I will drink this poison and asks her to throw her poison bottle. Laksh snatches bottle from her hand and says he will drink this poison. He blames himself for Ragini’s troubles. Swara takes the bottles. She blames herself. Laksh says I can’t see you dying. Swara says she can’t see him dying and tries to snatch the bottle. Ragini laughs and drinks the poison. Laksh and Swara are shocked.

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