Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 5th June 2015 Written Episode

Ranveer helps Ishaani stands up, the boy was crying for his balloons. Ranveer runs to him and asks why he is crying. The boy says it was his balloon that flew. Ranveer says that balloon wasn’t meant for him, he must let go of what didn’t remain to him, else the new one will never come. Ishaani had heards this all, she thinks to herself that she is being weak for someone who is someone else’s now. She goes inside, Ranveer stares at her from behind.
In the function, Ritika comes to Ishaani and takes her aside. Ritika says she found the videos with much difficulty, she didn’t even see them and brought them. Ishaani says she doesn’t know what help she has done to her. Ranveer comes saying he knew that, Ritika and Ishaani turns to him, Ritika dares to ask what he knew. Ranveer says that she would be here, he takes Ritika for dance. Ranveer announces that they are all here for Shekhar’s Sangeet, he wants to share a secret of Shekhar that is going to make them all happy. Ranveer says it is love marriage of Shekhar and he loves Ishaani and the secret is that he was the first one to know about his love. He says he didn’t even know himself because at that time he didn’t know the meaning of love and it was RV who told him he loves Ishaani, he had asked Shekhar to ask him propose Ishaani. He says today, he is happy that Shekhar obliged him and both Shekhar and Ishaani are together, he wishes them all the luck and happiness. He says this evening is dedicated for love.
Ishaani comes to greet Kanchal, Shekhar watches her with appreciation as she looks for him. She meets Baa and her family and looks for Shekhar who comes to her and asks her to meet him too, he wants to see her closely too; he says she looks beautiful. Ishaani says thankyou.
Ranveer announces he wants to begin this night with his wife Ritika, Paro comes to wish them for a best performance. Both smiles and the lights go off. Ishaani watches their intimate dance. Baa fells pain for Ishaani, as RV stares at Ishaani while dancing. Everyone claps as the performance ends, Paro comes to Ritika with her purse and gives flying kiss to Ranveer at which he is irked. RV watches Ishaani and comes to Shekhar and Ishaani. He asks Shekhar what an anger that he won’t hug his friend, Shekhar smiles and hugs RV. RV looks at Ishaani angrily, and takes Shekhar to Mr. Mehra hoping their celebrations weren’t ruined by their performance. Mr. Mehra says his celebrations started with a blast, they must end everything now. Ritika finds time to talk to Ishaani and comes to her, she hands the data traveler to Ishaani and rushes back. Ishaani goes inside.
A guard stops a guest asking for his invitation, the man in glasses shows it and comes inside.
Paro again comes to Ritika and RV, RV asks Ritika to stop him else he will ask him for dancing. Ritika goes to caterer leaving him helpless. RV heads to leave behind Ritika.
Ritesh stops a waiter for sweets, Chaitali says no.
Krisha was being nauseatic, Dewarsh asks her to control. Shekhar comes asking about Ishaani.
Ishaani comes to the room and plays the video. The video showed Falguni going upstairs but the video had been cut from between.
The man in glasses comes to the house looking for Ishaani. There Shekhar was also trying to find Ishaani.
The man tells on phone that Ishaani won’t be safe, he has come inside already.
Shekhar announces the performance of Dewarsh and Krisha. Krisha tells Dewarsh what if she feels vomiting. Paro says good performers never performs in front of him, Chaitali challenges him. Dewarsh suggests a tie between Chaitali and Paro. Ritesh feels angry at Dewarsh, Dewarsh tells him to relax as mummy isn’t in danger with Paro.
The dance performance of Paro begins.
The killer moves among the crowd to find Ishaani.
Ishaani is frustrated how this video is cut, it was her last hope. She thinks may be Ritika hadn’t saved the video well, or Ranveer might have another video.
Everyone enjoy Chaitali and Paro’s performance. Ishaani comes out and watches Krisha running as she felt nauseatic. Ritika stops her and asks Ishaani did she find something. Ritika says how is it possible, she saved them herself. Ishaani says some portion of the video was either corrupt or removed. Ritika takes her to a caterer saying she suspects he has an answer to her questions. The caterer says he knows about the person who went upstairs that day, he saw him as he went upstairs thrice and he remembers the face well.

PRECAP: Ranveer and Ishaani’s romance in heavy showers..

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