Satrangi Sasural 5th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan is super tensed as to whats arushi and priyanka talking about. Granny sauys that she doesnt think that they are discussing office, and they must definitely be talking something else. All are tensed. Arushi comes and hands her pieces of paper, and assures that priyanka shall not resign, and refuses to divulge how she did it. She then goes onmto break her fast, when geeta tells her. they perform the puja, and thereafter drinking water, arushi breaks her fast from vihaan’s hands. She then feeds him too, and all are boggled. They are surprised to know that even vihaan kept a fast for her. They all compliment her. As usual, granny again takes a pic, for her facebook status. She takes gifts from all ladies, while priyanka watches sullenly from a distance, jealous of arushi’s luck to have had a great husband, comparing to her own. They all bless the couple, while priyanka goes inside. vihaan says that he misses priyanka and would like to call hr. he begins to go, but mini asks him to leave her for sometime, and then she shall be quiet. Geeta feels sorry, that arushi couldnt avail the leave she had planned. Granny says that she has an idea, and all are intrigued.

Later, mini is fuming at someone on the phone. Geeta and babita are amused. granny is excited as she comes out telling them about a particular friend request. Mini asks who is it. She gets to know that its Raunaak Punjabi. Mini undferstands that he is acting smart and decides to stop it tomorrow forever.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s office
Priyanka gets to know from the peon, that arushi and vihaan are in his cabin. She finds vihaan having submitted a letter for two weeks leave, and fumes. she walks out. Priyanka comes to his cabin, and then finds the couple happily excited and chattering about their honeymoon location. Priyanka storms in and asks arushi whats she doing. He excitedly tells about their honeymoon location. He then asks if he got the letter and she shows it. She signs it and approves, while glaring at arushi, who gets tensed, even after she has left.

Scene 3:
Location: Girish’s residence
Jhanvi eyes the same guy’s pic, anmd decides to put an end to her life, as she cant stay without him and looks at a knife to slice her wrists. Later, Kasturi comes home to find it all done nicely, and everything clean and spic and span. She and dadaji are boggled, that if not her, who did it. Mini tells them that it was jhanvi and praises her galore. Kasturi decdies to go and say thanks. She goes up but doesnt find aresponse. she finds the door slightly ajar, and then finds her asleep. She eyes her and leaves. The noise of the door wakes her up, and she is again in tears thinking about her tragic life. She says that she cant live nor die without him, and that she would have to live somehow.

later, jhanvi makes everyone dinner, and when she works in the kitchen, they talk about how she is an ideal match for girish. girish comes and overhears them, and asks what are they talking about as if she heard, and then to their surprise, they find her standing behind them, shocked and surprised.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
vihaanand arushi excitedly tell granny and others at the dining table, that they shall honeymoon in Switzerland. Granny too offers to tag along. vihaan is shocked, while others are boggled too, but granny keeps ranting about how she always wanted to go. They are boggled. granny asks if they actually thought she would go, and says that she was just joking. Vihaan says that its good that she clarified as he almost had a heart attack. Just then, the peon comes and says that priyanka sent her a letter. all are quizzical. She opens it. She finds that its tickets to switzerland along with a letter cancelling her suspension. Arushi is happy, but harpreet asks why is she happy, as this means she wont be going to the honeymoon. Granny wonders whats going on in Priyanka’s mind. Priyanka comes out and says that she shall make them understand. She says that arushi shall not go on her honeymoon, on suspension, but shall join office, and then give an application for leave, which shall be duly approved. They are amused. priyanka asks why are they looking at her like this, and then says that she isnt that bad also. she then apologises to arushi and says that she has behaved very badly, and demands an apology. Arushi is concerned. priyanka says that since she couldnt get her punishment hence she punished herself. They are all shocked to see such a change. Priyanka tells arushi to finish the pending work in the next three days, beforee going, and also explain the work to her next in line. Arushi assures her that she shall comply. She then also gives them a gift for their honeymoon. Mini thinks that there’s something wrong, as priyanka cant be this sweet. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: In their room, Arushi is super happy that priyanka too finsally approves of her, and has changed her attitude towards them. In her room, priyanka, in tears, thinks that she cant let arushi be happy or enjoy her life, at any cost. she burns in the fury of vengeance..

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