Manmarziyan 5th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika seeing Arjun and Bonnie and recalling Sam. Sam calls Arjun and he ends her call. Tejh asks Radhika to come, they can get caught. Arjun goes near the window and does not see her, as she gets down the ladder and hides. Bonnie asks who is it. Arjun says no one. Radhika and Tejh hide the ladder. Tejh says if Bonnie caught us, my love life would have ended before it started, lets go, what is she waiting for. Radhika says Sam… he asks Sam? Radhika calls Sam and Neil there and says Arjun is with Bonnie upstairs, we are waiting here and he did not come out till now.

Sam says she is blaming him, I know you don’t like him. Radhika asks her to trust her, and see herself. Sam looks at Neil. Neil rings the bell. They wait outside. Sam says no one is opening door. Radhika says wait, I have keys, I will open. Bonnie opens the door and asks what happened. Sam asks where is Arjun. Bonnie says what, he is not here. Radhika says he is here. Neil asks Bonnie to open the door, else they will break it. Sam enters the house and looks around. Radhika says Arjun was upstairs when she was here. Bonnie stops Sam and gets tensed. Sam says move aside. Sam walks upstairs and stops. She steps towards the door and opens it.

She gets shocked seeing Arjun there. Arjun looks at her. Sam recalls his words. He says Sam… and she rushes downstairs. He says listen to me and Neil comes in between. Sam holds Neil’s hand and calms his anger. Arjun walks to Sam and Radhika comes in between. Arjun says move from my way. Radhika says I told you some stones don’t come in way to move, it will be better to change your way. Sam cries. Arjun says listen to me Sam. Sam says I don’t want to hear anything, just leave me alone. She asks Neil not to be angry and holds him, asking him to come. Neil rages seeing Arjun. Sam says come on. Samrat and Piyali come there. Sam says you guys here….. Arjun says I called them here.

Arjun makes excuses having known of Radhika’s plan and takes Samrat and Piyali in his side to fool Sam. He convinces Sam and proves Radhika wrong. Arjun stops Sam to talk to her. Radhika gets stunned and gets angry seeing Arjun. and Radhika asks Neil how can I be wrong. Neil says the truth is whats infront of us, don; know what lies he tells to Sam. Arjun and Sam have a talk. Radhika walks to them. Arjun says truth is infront of you Sam and lies is behind you. Sam turns and sees Radhika. Arjun asks Sam whom does she trust. Radhika says my Dada ji says anyone’s saying can be lie, but the doings are never lies, her eyes can’t get cheated. Arjuna sks her to get her eye check up done. Radhika says Sam will also seen what she is seeing right now. She asks Sam to come. Arjun says he will know it now. He asks Sam will she meet him tonight.

Sam nods. Arjun smiles. Radhika signs no to Sam. Sam leaves. Arjun taunts Radhika and asks her to change her way, its not her work now. He turns and she stops him holding his hand. She says friends don’t move back, and they move the person back who is going to break friend’s heart, this is her work now. She says we don’t have incomplete talk and leaves. Arjun looks on.

Radhika tells Neil that maybe Arjun is going to propose Sam. Sam says its between us. Radhika says Neil we have to stop Sam. Sam goes to meet Arjun. Arjun says love just ruins, it will be just darkness after this.

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