Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita getting teary eyed seeing Mr and Mrs. Bhalla showering love on Simmi and wishing her happiness. The marriage day comes and Mrs. Bhalla arranges the things. Ishita sees everyone doing their bits in the arrangements and being very happy. She gets thinking as she is not convinced about Subbu. She says I don’t know, is my thinking wrong. She prays to Lord and says she wants to be part of this happily. She gets a call from someone and says you, how… fine, how can I meet now, fine I will come.

She says how will I leave now. She sees Raman and says this flower garlands is wrong. He says its fine, it won’t matter. She says you know Subbu’s mum, if she tells anything, it won’t be good, I will get the garland, you guys reach court, I will manage it and leaves. Ishita meets Subbu’s mum and asks why did she call him. Subbu’s mum says she has heard her talking to Bala and Vandu, she knows her heart is very pure and she can’t hurt anyone. She asks her about Subbu, he did not tell her about Laxmi’s depression, and also about his psychiatric treatment, why is he not trusting anyone.

She says why is he not confident to talk to me, I lost my son, his new life is starting, I don’t want any hurdle, get info about what happened with him in London. Ishita says don’t you think its late. She says no, we don’t know whats in his heart, why is he lying, why is he keen to marry. She gets Bala’s call and says she came to temple, puja is done, she will reach. She gives the London details to Ishita and says one hour is still there, find out, don’t tell Subbu and Bala that I met you, thanks. She leaves.

Ishita thinks how to get info and says Shaila Bua stays there, I can contact her. Everyone come to the court and Raman says Ishita went to take garlands. Appa says about Iyers. Bala says his mum is resting at home, as her BP is high. Rinki and Raman tease Subbu. Subbu stops them and says this marriage can’t happen. Raman asks everything ok. Subbu says till this papers are signed….. Raman checks the papers and looks at him. Mr. Bhalla asks what happened. Raman asks him to read.

Raman smiles and says Subbu wants to adopt Ananya first and then marry Simmi. They all smile happily. Subbu says he is Ananya’s dad first and then her husband. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to sign fast. Simmi signs on the papers. Ishita calls Shaila Bua. She says they are getting Simmi married in court today. Shaila says Mrs. Bhalla did not inform her. Ishita says they will keep reception for relatives. Shaila says fine. Ishita tells about her friend, and gives the details. Shaila knows Subbu, he is going to marry Simmi. Shaila gets tensed and asks her to stop this marriage, this marriage should not happen. Ishita asks does she know him. Shaila says this guy is not right for Simmi, I will come tomorrow to India on emergency visa, I will tell everyone to them and expose them, he is dangerous man, he is big fraud. Ishita gets shocked and ends call.

She says she was feeling its something fishy, she has to stop this marriage. Subbu looks at Simmi and recalls Laxmi crying. They wait for Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says call her. Ishita is on the way and the car tyre punctures. Raman calls her and asks where is she, everyone is waiting. She says he should agree what she says, if she trusts her, don’t let this marriage happen, she can’t explain, but he has to wait for her. She takes an auto. Raman says she won’t say this without any solid reason.

Subbu and Simmi wait for their turn. Sujata gets a call and goes. Bala says lets take a pic. Sujata gets a shocking news and says thanks for calling. She calls Subbu and asks him to come out. Raman waits for Ishita outside. Bala asks him to come and asks about Ishita. Raman says she will come. Raman clicks their pics and asks Simmi about Subbu. Simmi says he went out. Sujata tells Subbu that her friend from London called and said Shaila and Ishita are finding about them. Subbiu says he won’t let them ruin his plan. Sujata says hurry up, marry Simmi. He says I will do something.

Ishita is stuck at the traffic signal. Subbu bribes the peon to get a number soon. Ishita is on the way. Raman sees everyone and recalls Ishita’s words. Simmi and Subbu are called next. Raman says wait, 15mins are left for 11. Bala says its govt office, mahurat is when your number comes. Raman stops them again. Bala asks what happened. Raman says Ishita is reaching, she has the tamilian garlands, lets wait for her. Sujata says we can do this rituals later, their signs are needed now, we will exchange garlands when she comes. Simmi says its not about garlands, but Ishita should be here. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi agree to wait, and Sujata says we should not get late. Subbu says we should not do late and takes the document to sign.

Ishita comes in the court in anger and snatches the pen from Subbu’s hand. Raman and everyone look shocked.

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