Udaan 6th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishwar, Abha and everyone coming home. Chakor says she understood everything seeing them fight and annoyed. Aditya says Chakor is more intelligent thank him. Ishwar says he loves him. Abha says she is happy as Chakor used the info well than him. Vishnu comes and says he got the info, they can leave now. Ishwar says fine. Abha asks where is he going. Ishwar says he has shot the scene and wants to make the video in Cd, he can help all the bonded labor and also help Bhagya. Chakor asks him to go soon. Ishwar leaves. Arjun sits thinking. Chakor says she knows what is he thinking, he is missing Bhagya. Arjun says yes, how do you know.

Chakor says even Bhagya missed him. They laugh. Chakor says she is saying truth, Bhagya smiles seeing him and holds him tight. Arjun says enough. Abha laughs and asks what is she saying, I did not know this. Arjun says I was thinking we will free Bhagya anyhow, but how to free villagers from superstitions. Kangan says yes, we have also made it more existing in their minds. Chakor says she will end it. Aditya asks how. Chakor says temple wall has to be made. Vivaan says great. Aditya asks them to explain him. Abha jokes and they laugh.

Its morning, Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini do Bhagya’s aarti. Bhaiya ji gets a call and Bhagya looks on. She takes his phone. He says sorry, I did mistake to attend call. Bhavani says she will keep the phone. He does the aarti again and apologizes. Arjun, Abha and everyone come there. Arjun asks Chakor is she sure that villagers will be convinced. She says yes. Chakor stops the villagers and asks them the last miracle of Devi. She talks to them. Bhavani comes and asks who will do bidding to do Devi’s aarti. Bhaiya ji says they all don’t need to worry for money, he will arrange money, but devotion should not get less. Chakor says no one will do bidding and he asks why.

She says they are saying Devi did not do any miracle, why to do bidding. Bhavani tells her what nonsense is she saying. Chakor says it did not happen with everyone. Bhavani asks her to make the wall and leave. Chakor says no need, Devi Maa will show miracle and wall will be made by her sign. Bhavani worries. Bhaiya ji thinks the construction at university can stop if the villagers don’t do bidding. He asks Bhavani to tell Devi to do miracle, else devotees can leave belief. She says fine. She gets the taxi driver call and smiles getting an idea.

She says she has a way and tells everyone that Devi will show the miracle and make the wall, but not in open, the wall should be surrounded by curtains. Aditya says if there is curtain, how will we know Devi is making curtain or anyone else. Bhavani says who will go there, if we all are here, you all see the miracle by your eyes. She says wall will be made ready, devotees will be doing bhajan kirtan and Devi will show her miracle, no one should go near the wall, else Devi will be angry and can curse too. Bhaiya ji says he has belief in Devi and no one will come near the wall.

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