Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Subbu going to sign. The pen does not work, and they all don’t have the pen. Ishita is on the way. Raman says he has the pen in his car, and asks them to wait for him, he will get it. Ishita meets him and says they have to stop the marriage, Subbu is a bad guy, they have to save Simmi. Raman asks what happened. She says first lets go there. Subbu gets the pen and is about to sign. Ishita comes angrily and takes the pen from his hand, saying she has the objection, she can’t let this marriage happen. Simmi asks what is she saying. Ishita says she can’t let it happen, and sorry Simmi. Everyone look on shocked.

The registrar asks whats this drama, go outside and solve the matter, don’t waste our time. Ishita takes Simmi and everyone outside. Subbu looks at Sujata and rushes out. Ishita says Subbu has lied to us, I tried to find, Bala did not wish to talk, then she spoke to Shaila Bua in London, and her doubts got confirmed, she asked me to stop this marriage immediately. Mrs. Bhalla asks how does Shaila know Subbu. Ishita says I don’t know, she is coming tomorrow, she asked me to stop this marriage, she told me that its big story behind Laxmi’s suicide, she will tell us. Subbu gets angry. Ishita says Simmi has seen many problems, Subbu is not suitable for her.

Subbu says how dare you Ishita. He goes to her and says you were always against me, you never wanted my happiness, what do you wish to do, I will kill you, I won’t leave you. Everyone is shocked as he holds her neck. Raman frees Ishita and beats Subbu. They all get worried seeing Subbu’s violent side. Bala and Romi stop their fight. Raman says how dare you touch her. Subbu says your wife is calling me fraud, I m not a cheat, he will tell them. Sujata says stop it, no need to tell anything. Subbu says I will not leave Ishita. Sujata takes him and leaves. Simmi gets in shock and Mrs. Bhalla cries, asking Raman to take them home.

They all go home and talk about Subbu, why did he wish to cheat our Simmi. Raman says he came to us and cheated. Simmi says why did he do this, he showed he needs us, why did he play with my and Ananya’s emotions. Ishita says now he can’t hurt you. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita what did Shaila say. Ishita says she said she will come and say, she reacted so strong, its all related to Laxmi’s suidice, why is Sujata helping Subbu, she works for society and women welfare, why did she hide this from us, Subbu has major anger issues, that he needs medicines, why did she hide this. Raman says they both have fooled us, I will punish him.

Mr. Bhalla asks him to wait, they will clear things after Shaila comes. Subbu tells Sujata that he will not leave anyone. Sujata asks him to have medicines. He throws the glass and asks why did you stop me from saying the truth. She says its beginning and he was ending it, she will play her cards at right time. She says we have to stop Shaila from coming here, else our problems will increase. He calls UK embassy.

Raman calls Shaila and says its ringing, but she is not taking the call and worries. Shaila is in embassy and takes Raman’s call. He puts the call on speaker and asks when is she coming. She says immigration office stopped me and saying I have some passport issues. The man asks her to keep the phone. She says she can’t come India till the matter is solved, Subbu is not a good guy, he has some misunderstanding in his mind, but we are not responsible for anything. She ends the call. Mrs. Bhalla says whats the matter. Shaila says why did she say, that its not our mistake, how are we related to Subbu, whats their connection.

Subbu says Shaila can’t come India now, I complained in embassy about her, Bhallas will have to pay for it, I will not leave Simmi, that’s why I have shown fake sympathy to Simmi and Ananya, I will punish them. She says we will think and do. He says don’t worry, we did a lot to win their trust, we have waited for long time, I won’t let anything wrong happen, I will make Simmi’s life hell, like my life was made hell, my Laxmi died because of them, now Simmi will also give up her life.

Bala says what did Subbu do, I m ashamed, Ishita has warned me. Vandu says we flowed with Subbu’s tears, we did not believe Ishita. Mihika says they are good and believe others. Ishita comes and asks Bala not to feel guilty, even she came in Subbu’s words, she trusts Bala a lot, and Subbu is his opposite, his lies a lot, I don’t know what he wanted to prove by marrying Simmi, what did he wish to say which Sujata is hiding. She says Vandu should rest in this condition and asks her to go home.

Mihika meets Abhishek and tells him everything. He says he can’t believe this that Subbu can get so much violent. She says Simmi is broken, its hard to convince heart to remarry, the family is so worried, don’t know why Subbu wanted to marry and why is he lying, it’s a puzzle. He says he spoke to his London friend, lets hope they get any info. He asks her not to do this emotional drama, he is habitual to see her Chandi avatar. She thanks him for always helping as a friend. He asks her to call him Abhishek, not Sir. She says fine Abhishek. He gets a call from work and says I will come. He says I have to rush. She asks him to be careful. He asks what. She taunts him and hides her concern. He leaves.

Raman sits thinking about Subbu’s violent behavior. Ishita comes and he asks is she fine. She says I m fine, I don’t find you fine. He says how can I, Subbu is your ex, and I did not wish bad for him, today it was so shocking, mad man, he raises hand on you, I m sorry, I should have understood your instincts are always right. She says Subbu is consulting a psychiatrist, Subbu has attacked me, we can use this and get to know about his problem from his doctor. He says yes and thinks.

Raman and Ishita met the doctor and tell about Subbu, playing a game with them. The doctor says they are saying right, but she can’t help them. Vidya says sorry to interrupt, but why can’t you help them.

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