Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 8th June 2015 Written Episode

Ishaani and Ritika come to the kitchen, the head caterer tells them there was only two cooks there that day. Ritika says to Ishaani it seems someone is misleading her in this case. Ritika says she will help her find the killer, as Falguni was like her mother. Ishaani was firm and says she will find the killer. Pratibha takes Ishaani and Ritika outside. The murderer finally spots Ishaani and says she must meet her family for one last time. Shekhar announces that he loved ishaani, but this love had to happen. He came to the world only so to make her his life. Everyone claps. Shekhar says he didn’t know the meaning of love but now knows true lovers are never on the wrong path. He says if ones love is true, the ways meet each other’s. RV was curt. Shekhar says his thinking is the theme today, he has organized the dance so that they may all find their love. They all have to wear mask and dance to find their partner and lover. Shekhar asks for mast. Paro comes objecting, and says he didn’t think about Paro which one he should wear. Shekhar it doesn’t matter which queue he stands in, he hopes Paro gets the partner. Shekhar announces that the lights will go dim, they all all have to dance and change partner in every 30 seconds. He hopes they will find their love till the music ends. He calls RV and Ritika, and everyone. People gather on the floor. They dance begins. The murderer also get into the crowd.

The murderer brings about a knife from pocket and heads towards Ishaani. RV gets hold of Ishaani, both look into each other as Baa notices them together. Ishaani takes herself out of his arms and goes away, taking her mask off. She leaves the hall, RV follows her.

Ishaani comes out of the house, it was raining hard. RV comes behind her. Both were silent for a while, standing apart. RV looks at Ishaani, she smiles at him. Both souls come to each other, bodies’ stands apart.

Ishaani was smiling, RV smiles back. She takes his hand into hers, both heads into the rain enjoying, as she takes him by arm. Ishaani thinks about being mischievous, she throws water on RV’s face and runs into the rain. He follows her and both dance in the rain. Soon both realize they were dreaming, look at each other worried… gloomed.

In the party, Shekhar wonders where has Ishaani gone.
RV asks Ishaani why she came out, Ishaani says it was hot. Shekhar comes out saying she is right, it was really hot inside, good she called him out. He asks if she is ok? Ishaani doesn’t reply. Shekhar tells RV Ritika was looking for him, he must tell her RV is out. RV says he is going to her and goes inside. Ishaani looks at Shekhar for a while, then looks away.

PRECAP The murder says there is just a minute and then Ishaani’s death. RV watches the chandelier moving and about to fell, he runs to Shekhar and Ishaani who were dancing in the centre of stage.


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