Manmarziyan 8th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sam coming to meet Arjun. She sees the fire and recalls the old moments. She sees the dinner date arrangements and looks for him. Arjun comes there holding the spade. Neil and Radhika wait in the car. Radhika recalls Bonnie and Arjun, and his words. Neil starts driving. Radhika says wait Neil, friendship is not to manage broken friend, but to stop the friend from breaking, I don’t want strong hands to hold Sam, but to break the mouth of the person who is breaking Sam’s heart. She gets down the car and goes to Sam.

Arjun asks Sam to dig and get the wine, as last time he did the same. Sam takes the spade and digs the soil. Arjun gets the ring and shows her. He recalls the ring and Nandini. He sits on his knees and proposes her. He asks will she marry him and add a memory to this ring. Sam says memories also need time. She says time has changed today. Radhika hears them. Sam says there was a time when he left her alone in the driver’s locality, he did not trust her. She cries and says he could not tell her the truth. She says you joined my office, and used my pics without telling me.

She says since she met him, he has always broken her heart, and on the other hand Radhika…. Who has always trusted her, told her the truth, even if she likes it or not, Radhika can be anything, but not a liar. She turns and sees Radhika. Arjun looks at Radhika. Sam says I don’t know your and Bonnie’s truth, I just know Radhika can’t lie to me, she does not trust you, and I trust my friendship. Radhika smiles.

Sam says friends are life…. and life can’t be given for love…… (WOW!!) She opens the gift and returns the red saree he gifted her. Sam goes near the fire and burns the saree. She cries seeing Arjun. Kyu the wo raste……….plays………… Arjun recalls his proposal and how she has rejected it. He gets angry. Sam says all memories end her and leaves.

Arjun holds the ring and sees the saree burnt. Arjun’s eyes rages red. Radhika says Sam your bag and goes back to get her bag. Arjun ruins the decorations by hitting it with the spade. Radhika comes there again and Arjun sees her. She stands near the ring. Arjun angrily throws the spade near her. She sees his hand bleeding. She bends to pick the ring, and he asks her not to touch it. He shouts get lost.

Sam comes to Neil, while he is waiting near the car. Neil sees her and wipes his tears. He looks at the hand to see if she is wearing the ring. She takes her hand back and says what, did you not eat food that you are seeing fingers like this. She says lets go now, I m having hunger after breakup. Neil is stunned and says Sam, what do you mean by breakup, what happened. Sam cries recalling how she rejected Arjun’s proposal. She says picture ended before starting, she does not feel love is meant for her. She says please, take me home and cries. Arjun recalls Radhika’s words and gets angry.

Sam and Radhika see Arjun at their home. Sam says she does not want to meet him. Radhika comes in his way and argues with him, saying she will not let him reach Sam till she is with Sam.

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