Satrangi Sasural 8th June 2015 Written Episode

1. Vihaan and arushi very happy of their honeymoon.
2. Priyanka fumin, as she compares her bad luck at marriage with arushi’s good fortune, beating all odds.
3. The next morning, mini searches for Raunak, at the park, but doesnt find him.
4. Mini comes home to find raunak chatting with her mothers, and gets frustrated.
5. Priyanka sends vihaan and arushi lovingly to the market, after giving vihaan breakfast with peanuts, to which she had particular allergy.
6. When vihaan returns with arushi, Priyanka fumes as she sees them getting along.
7. Priyanka in her room, wondersd how to stop arushi, as she is at crossroads whether to do what is absolutely wrong. She finally picks up the snack, containing peanut, to which she has allergy, and begins to eat it, just to stop arushi from going on her honeymoon.

Precap: All are excitedly packing up for vihaan and arushi. Mini notices a bag kept aside, and asks whats filled in it. Arusdhi and vihaan immediately try to cover up, saying that its nothing. They are boggled.

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