Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 9th June 2015 Written Episode

RV notices the murderer. Paro comes behind the murderer and takes him to dance. RV asks who this man is. Ritika comes and asks why he wants to know. He says he is worried because of the security of someone he is loyal with. He says he always boasts his loyalty, and can be loyal with his owns till last breath. He is always alert when something is wrong. Ritika says there is a limit to loyalty, RV says there is no limit to loyalty in love and goes away.
Dewarsh announces for the dance of Shekhar and Ishaani. RV watches in pain as Shekhar asks Ishaani for dance, she keeps her hand on his and they come to the floor. The murderer makes a call and tells that Ishaani would be finished in next five minutes. He cuts the chandelier’s chain upstairs as Ishaani and Shekhar dance together. RV drinks watching them dance together. Ishaani also notices RV’s stare on them.
The murderer’s phone rings, he says only one minute more; then Ishaani would die and people will think of it as an accident. He heads to cut the chandelier again.
Ishaani and Shekhar were dancing, RV notices the chandelier moving up them. He gets worried at once, runs towards the floor and pushes Ishaani and Shekhar aside, rolling himself over Ishaani on the floor. The chandelier breaks with the bang. Ritika watches the floor, Baa and everyone were shocked. Ishaani and RV lay on the floor without moving, look at each other. Ritika watches them cutrly. Ishaani looks away at her hurt arm, she tries to get up and remove the glass off RV’s coat where it was bleeding as well. His arm also had a glass stuck in it, she removes it too feeling pain for him.
Ritesh asks how the chandelier fell down. Pratik says it was about to fall on Ishaani, better RV saved her. Ritesh was shocked and goes to see Ishaani. Chaitali asks him to see Ritika, now RV won’t be saved. Ritika was curt, she goes to RV and Ishaani and taps RV on his back. RV tries to get up holding Ritika’s hand. Ishaani stands up.
The murderer tries to escape when Shekhar goes to get him, he runs to the man and gets him from his collar. He asks who he is, the man stammers. Shekhar slaps the man hard, he tries to fight back and escape. RV gets to the man and beats him along with Shekhar.

PRECAP: Baa says to Ishaani that she must not make her love as a punishment, today she is telling her not to marry Shekhar and return to Ranveer.

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