Sasuraal Simar Ka 9th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mausi ji kicks mata ji and she falls down with a scream, prem and maya get her up. Mata ji says choti i did what you asked please ask rajveer to release simar. Mausi ji says he is not operated by a remote. Rajveer drags simar upstairs, simar says i wont go. Mausi ji says rajveer.. show them what are the consequences of messing with us. Rajveer smiles and takes up simar says i wont go leave me. prem comes to save her rajveer shoves her. Mausi ji says please think about the relations, Mausi ji says you shall never say this. Rajveer was your newphew but you sent him to jail, what else can you expect from us? You shouldn’t have done that. Mata ji grasps her feet and says do me this favor please. Maya tries to console her. She says i dont know how to stop rajveer. Rajveer keeps dragging simar by her hair. prem comes and says rajveer just stop. Rajveer shoves simar, she slips down on the floor. Rajveer says this was your first mistake that i why i am leaving you, next time you slap me i will make your life hell. The relation you were proud of i showed how weak it is. This is why i am saying don’t think, yu have no other option. you have to give yourself to me before 12 today. if you don’t do so,he grasps prem by collar, he says prem as bet on you. I have the video recording, i will show it to whole world. Imagine what will happen after that, your family name will be ruined forever.

prem comes to pick simar up but she stands up herself and goes to her room in tears. She recalls all that happened and prem’s video. Prem comes in the room and sits on his knees in tears. He says my mistake can not be pardoned i did this for the family. Simar stands up, prem tries to touch her but stops. simar slaps hm and grasps him by collar. she says why you did this? how dare you to bet on me? You sold your wife. i am hating myself. I thought i am your life. but no, i know i was thing a property that you can sell to anyone. you can bet on me. What if we didn’t have this house? What if we lost the business? i would have stayed on the roads with you and happy. she cries her heart out. she says you know whole family was with you then why you sold me? she says what you did is unforgivable. You were my world and you took it from me in a moment. Simar says why didn’t you recalls the promises you made to me while marrying me. you promised to keep me happy all my life? You promised to protect me and you sold me yourself. You said you will never let tears roll down my eyes. We both knew that our relationship can only break if one of us does so. and you have done it today. you have broken it all up. I am not yours anymore. prem says give me punishment but dont say this. simar says don’t do this begging the pardon thing in front of me anymore. Go and ask your rajveer not to kick your dignity in the world. from today i am not simar prem bharadwaj i am only simar bahardwaj. and i decide that i will not give myself to rajveer not matter what consequences, i will do something that will change the history of this family. before that we need to clear something, i need to clear some of your misuderstandings. today, from now, you are not my husband neither am I your wife. Prem is taken aback.

roli calls maya and says is everything okay at home? maya is quite. mata ji asks her not to tell her. maya says everything is fine here how are you and sid? roli says we are fine. i was worried i don’t know why/ Maya says everything is fine here. Focus on your mission. i am here i will handle everything. roli says i know when i am not with didi you are. i know you will take care of everything. didi says she has two younger sisters now. Mata ji says what about that person? roli says she is a princess. in her haveli she has something that has to be protected. its something really precious. Maya says rajveer never talked about it in front of me. roli says this means we have to find how they are interrealted, i will call you later. Mata sobs, maya hugs her.

Simar says this is my unfortunate fate that we have to pretend to be husband and wife because i don’t have courage face the world without your name, but yes in this room you are not my husband. We will never talk to each other, we will live like two strangers.

No Precap.

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