Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th June 2015 Written Episode

Gopi does Kokila’s grah pravesh by making her step into red water and then inside. Meera unwillingly wishes Kokila. Whole family greet her in and perform pooja in temple with bhajan and aarti. Gopi then starts singing bhajan and performing aarti while Ahem and everyone happily joining her. Kinjal calls Meera aside and says it is time to execute their plan. she exchanges Gopi’s slippers and silently joins back aarti. Gopi then takes prasad bowl and says she will distribute prasad to everyone after food.

Kokila says just like Ram and Sita coming back home after banvas, Ahem and Gopi have come back to Modi Bhavan. She tells Kinjal that she should go back home..Kinjal interrupts and hugs her saying she is happy that she is back home. Kokila feels grease in her hands. Once everyone walk out from temple, Kinjal smirks and tells Meera that Gopi will not be able to serve prasad to anyone. Meera asks what if she gets injured more. Kinjal asks not to worry.

Gopi wears her slippers and slips, but Ahem and Pari hold her on time. Tolu sees grease on her slippers and asks how did she get it. she says she does not know. Kokila calls Kinjal and gives her a tight slap. Hetal asks what did Kinjal do. She says Kinjal smeared grease on Gopi’s slippers. Kinjal denies it, but Kokila asks how did she get grease in her fingers then. Kinjal stands spell bound.

Kokila says Kinjal that she always troubled Modi family and Gopi tries to correct it. Today, gopi brought her back home, but Kinjal tried to harm gopi. Hetal says Kinjal that she thought she has changed after a lesson, but she did not. Kokila says Kinjal has to leave Modi bhavan. Kinjal says she will not. Kokila says her house is chawl in which her husband and son stay and this house is hers. She asks Pari to bring Kinjal’s bag and asks Gopi to call taxi. Gopi says she already informed Dhaval and he will arrive in some time. Kokila asks Kinjal to get out. Kinjal says she will go, but also wants Meera to be kicked out as she was hands in gloves with her and planned against Gopi as she does not like her. Meera agrees and says she does not like Meera. Ahem tries to slap her, but Gopi stops him. Kinjal asks Kokila what she will do with Meera now. Kokila says she knows what to do and asks her to get out. Pari brings Kinjal’s bag and says she will drop her out of hosue.

Ahem says Meera that he thought she has changed, but she has not and if she repeats her mistake again, he will not hesitate punishing her. Meera asks he can kick her out and even kill her, but her opinion regarding Gopi will not change. She shouts at Gopi that she is a murderer.

Precap: Gopi sends out Meera and asks her to learn to behave with elders and then come back.

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