Sasuraal Simar Ka 10th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
simar says men like you consider our love and respect our weakness, this relation was a piece of paper for you maybe, you could name it someone else. for me this was my life. My breathes were attached to it, and today somehow my life has ended with this. She says you can bear when some outsiders deceives your but your own people do this, it hurts. A woman is related to her in laws with her husband. i am related to all of our family, i will do this for my kids. or you can say, i will tolerate it for them. but that doesn’t mean i fogive you. no i will keep reminding you, your sins. simar says wow what a gift you gave me on anniversary. There is no point of this wedding locket, it has no purity now. Simr says this should be a pride for a wife but its a shame for me now. I will not go to rajveer tonight no matter what happens. Prem says simar.. she turns her face on other side. The song ‘do pal’ plays in background prem goes out simar locks the door and sits there in tears.

Rajeshwari says on call to rajveer i likeed you servant. sid overhears her, the servant comes an says why are you roaming here? there are so many secrets in this castle and you shouldn’t ever come across them. or you will have to face death. Go to your room, don’t come out of it without any reason.

Mausi ji says to rajver i am so glad today, your father must rest in peace now. Rajveer says it was trailer, the real movie will start when simar comes to me tonight, to save her family name. Simar comes in and rajveer.. He says wow you came before time. Simar says i will come to meet you tonight, i will wait for you in the hall come there. mausi ji says what are you gonna do? rajveer says wow what are you gonna do? simar says come and you will know.

Rajeshwari comes downstairs. sid asks whose painting is this? she says dont you think you should stay in your limits. I am not used to of questions. he says don’t you think you should take this painting off? people will talk about it. she says this painting has to be here, there are so many stories that are hard to believe. when i look at this painting, i trust those stories. servant comes in and says those four guests are here.
The three of them come in. Servant says rajeshwari ji this time there is a lady thief among them. roli comes in. Rajeshwari says you are all welcome here, come sit at your places. you all know what you are here for. you have to steal my precious thing, but there is a condition. If you get caught you will be sentenced to death.
Rajeshwari says before today no one ever has been successful in stealing it. And they got death as a price. if someone gets caught they have to kill themselves. Roli says what an amazing idea. before we test its security you are testing us. rajeshwari says you are right, if you steal it you will become out of the world. A thief asks what that thing is? she says when you get it you will know. She asks the servant to take them to room. Rajeshwari says aryan you have to keep an eye on them. if they are successful in stealing it you have to that person.

Precap-mausi ji says i know these sister, they are fierce when they are upto revenge. someone comes in rajveer’s room with a knife.

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