Jodha Akbar 10th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Jalal is playing chess with Ruks, Ruks is impressed with his skills, she is involved in playing when Suddenly Laboni does magic and spread smoke in room, Ruks, pawns all are stoned, she ask Jalal to come with her, she says to Ruks that play here alone and i will play my game, she takes Jalal with him.
Yogi Uday is moving towards palace, he says eclipse night has come, i have to reach fast. Dammo starts her last part of magic, she recite some mantras, put beads in water and does magic on fire, Jalal’s face is shown is water, she smirks at her success. Laboni thinks i cant take Jalal out of palace from main gate, all will know about it, i have removed jodha from my way with difficulty, i cant take risk, how to take Jalal out? she says there must be some secret way out to this palace, she does magic on beads, she throws bead on floor, they start moving and shows her secret way out to palace, Jalal is following her, they are going out when she finds soldier coming, she gets tensed, soldier greets jalal and leaves, Laboni follows beads, she finds secret gate and takes jalal out of palace.

Scene 2
Laboni and Jalal are going in jungle, Laboni sings and dances, she comes to Dammo who laughs and says the time has come when you will get what you wanted, Laboni says you taught me to get what you desire, Dammo gives water to her and says magic is done on it, you have to drink it, Laboni is about to drink it but Dammo says you can drink it only after Jalal’s body become blue, take him to isolated place, apply red powder on his body, i will do mantra and his body will become blue then he will be yours forver, Laboni takes jalal with her.
Jodha is in jungle too and says how to stop that magician, Yogi comes there, Jodha says thank God you came, Yogi ask what are you doing here? i asked you to not leave Jalal alone, Jodha says i have left for his good only, she tells him how Laboni blackmailed her, Yogi says you did good by not warning Laboni and listening to her, i have got dagger from priest, we will finish their magic with this.
Laboni brings Jalal to some isolated room in jungle, she comes closer to Jalal and says you will become mine today, you will say and do what i want you to do, Jalal is standing like statue, Laboni removes Jalal’s jewelry.
Yogi and Jodha are going in jungle, Jodha says its all fog here, how will we move forward? yogi says this is done by that magician. Dammo is busy in her magic. Yogi says to Jodha that they have surrounded themselves with fog so that no one can reach them, he says i will control Dammo with this dagger as she is protecting her daughter but you will have to control Laboni, Jodha ask how? Yogi gives her some hair lock of dog and says put this in Laboni’s body, her magic will end when this hair go in her body, but it can be dangerous, jodha says i am not afraid of result, i just want to save Jalal but how will i do it? Yogi says Laboni must have water with her, she has to drink it before getting Jalal, you have to put this hair in that water, i will stop her mother Dammo but Laboni should not see you else she can kill you, Jodha says to save Jalal even if i have to die, i will have no problem, Laboni opens Jalal’s shirt, she applies red powder on his body. Jodha is going to Laboni, she takes off anklet from feet to not get caught by their sound, she comes to isolated place, she hides and finds Jalal lying on bed, she says i will save Jalal.

PRECAP- Laboni drinks water, Jodha is lying on floor, she looks at Laboni.

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