Qubool Hai 10th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil is distraught as he finds doctors desperately trying to save shaad. Sanam meanwhile is on the road, rethinking of the innumerable times, shaad saved her, and thinks that she owes everything to him. Sanam lies on the ground, saying that she only remembers shaad since her memory loss, and she wouldnt be able to live without him. she prays to the lord to save him. Shashi notices this, and thinks that today ahil shall also die alogn with him. She cuts some wires underneath their cars.

Inside, ahil thinks that he wanted sanam, and now sanam wants him to get her shaad, and he is in an inexplicable dilemma. He wonders how would he be able to handle sanam. He then goes out.

Sanam meanwhile is beside the car, when shashi is working. She senses sanam’s feet and gets tensed. Sanam too instinctively feels someone’s presence, but before she can respond, she finds ahil on the other side of the car, and berserkedly asks him where and how is shaad now. He tells that shaad is out of danger. She hugs him in relief, while he is overwhelmed. he too hugs her back, and she is alarmed. he is however in tears, while she too responds back, boggled though. shashi sees them and accidentally crushes a bottle underneath her feet, jolting sanam. She wondres why is she so happy with ahil, as if she has hugged him several times afore. she wonders why she feels so nice in his arms. He thinks however that she may have forgotten, but her heart still beats for him. she asks if she can meet shaad. He asks her to get in the car. Ahil and sanam oblivious of this sit in the car and drive off, while shashi smirks evilly.

Inside, the new bride enjoys her time with saif, while deploying him for her latest evil plot successfully.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road and in the hospital
In the car, sanam apologises to ahil, for being so bitter to him the other day, and that the biggest thing is that, despite her angst, he is helping her, and thanks him profusely. he thinks that he can die, but not fail her promise. She says that even though he shall not say, but he is happy for her and shaad, as he must have seen today, how much she loves shaad. she asks ahil to respond, while he is too frustrated. When he tries to talk, she informs him of the hurdle ahead, and then asks him to slow down, and they find that the brakes are non functional. He desperately tries to get sanam to duck, but the cat ultimately hits and throws sanam rolling off. Just then, shaad comes out of his sleep, scared and tensed for jannat. he takes off his IV lines, and rushes out, surprising the nurses too.

Meanwhile, shashi smirks that she sent ahil and got rid of one of her enemies anyway.

Ahil finally wakes up with a splitting headache, and calls out for sanam, but doesnt find her in the side seat. he is shocked and begins to call out for her, highly worried for her. In the woods, ahil desperately calls out for sanam, dishevelled, and distraught as he finds sanam’s dupatta too. he finally spots her lying unconscious on the ground and is dumbstruck. He rushes to her and asks her to open her eyes, saying that she cant leave her, while she lies unconscious in his arms. He says that he wont be able to live without her, and begs her to open her eyes, as he loves her immensely. Flashbacks of ahil’s love for sanam are shown. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Ahil is shocked to hear sanam’s voice calling out, that she loves him immensely. She says that she has waited for a long time to be able to come back to him. he hugs her tightly. She tells that the new bride had sold her sister off. Ahil is distraught.

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