Manmarziyan 10th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika giving the necessities to Sam and waiting for Neil. She empties her bag and gives everything Sam would need. Sam asks her to go now. Radhika asks can’t I come with you. Sam says you can’t come, office has much work, I m going to see location. Radhika says even I could come. Sam says few things are to be thought alone, relax, go home and call me. Radhika says how will I go home at night alone, please come with me. Sam holds her hand while sitting in the bus and says sorry. The bus leaves. Radhika waves to Sam and gets sad. Manmarziyon pe kaise chale……………. Plays. Sam sits crying and the bus stops. Neil enters the bus and looks for Sam. He sees her and smiles. He says Samundar Singh, I m back baby. Sam laughs seeing him.

She says I m not going back. He says thank God, else my ticket would be wasted, its costly, 222rs, your idiot will be with you always. Sam turns and sees out of the window. She waves bye to Radhika smiling. Sam and Neil start talking. She asks can you reach anywhere for me. He says he did not come for her, he came to take his shorts to Lonavla. She hugs him. Teri meri dosti…………plays…………

He says if she hugs him, people will see her, not his shorts. Radhika calls her and Sam tells her that Neil came wearing shorts. Neil smiles seeing her happy. He recalls his mum’s words. Sam ends the call and thanks Neil. She sleeps and he looks at her. Aansoun me bighaati……….plays…………. He makes her head right and sits on the other side. A man sits with Sam. Neil moves him and sits back on the seat beside Sam. Her head falls over his shoulder.

Its morning, Radhika works in the office. Kritika and Zubin talk to her and asks is she ready to go Lonavla. Radhika says Sam and Neil have gone to see location in Lonavla. Zubin says it means our number cut. Arjun hears them. Radhika sees him and gets worried. Neil looks at Sam and keeps the bag under her had. Teri meri dosti…………….. plays……… She moves the bag and holds his hand, to rest on his shoulder. Neil sees sunlight disturbing her sleep and keeps his hand to shadow her eyes.

Radhika keeps an eye on Arjun. Tejh informs her that Arjun is also going to Lonavla, is there any party going on. She asks who told him. he says I heard Arjun talking to Samrat on phone. Radhika comes in Arjun’s way and says I heard you are also going Lonavla, take us along. Arjun asks why does she feel he will take her. She says not me, we all, Samrat told us to work together, she has his official letter too, it will have team work and bonding, so we came to bond with you. She says hurry up, you already did late, my Dada ji says you should leave early if journey is long. He says your Dada ji and points finger. She turns it down and says its better not to tell anything about my Dada ji, else you will suffer, shall we leave or shall I call Samrat.

She unlocks car and asks everyone to keep their bags. Arjun holds her hand and takes the keys. He says you can’t stop me from meeting Sam. She says who wants to stop, but she will not let him reach Sam, till Sam wishes. They leave. Radhika says if they stay silent, how will they bond. She starts talking, and tells about her Dada ji. They all laugh. Arjun does not react. He stops the car and asks her to be quiet. She sees his hand. Arjun says he does not want to hear her stories and keeps her finger on her mouth. Everyone get silent.

He starts driving. Radhika says I will not talk, but shall we play Antakshiri, we will sing slow. She sings Ramaiyya Vastavaiyya and claps………………. She sees Arjun and sings Gore Mukhde me Kala chashmah……… Radhika says she is singing alone. They don’t have interest. Arjun says let them get chance to sing. She says you mean, I m stopping them. He says did anyone tell you are not Lata Mangeshkar. She gets Sam’s call and looks at him. Arjun sees her phone.

Radhika says this is my fav song, will you hear it. He throws her phone and says whatever you touch in this car will b thrown out. She smiles and tries to touch him. He holds her hand and asks all of them to get down the car..

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