Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj and Suhani arguing with a property dealer, who states 15 lakhs for the farmhouse. They refuse for the deal. The man calls Dadi and says he did as she wanted, they will not sell the farmhouse now. Menka and Rags have a talk with Dadi. Pratima hears them and asks about the farmhouse deal. Soumya talks to the lawyer and meets Krishna. He asks does she not believe him. Rags makes excuses to Pratima and hides the matter. Pratima worries for Suhani. Dadi says she is unlucky and useless, all problems are coming since she is here. Menka starts her acting.

Dadi says she will solve everything. Soumya says Suhani can’t do this, Suhani and I believe you, she will not believe that footage, I will not believe on that sign, don’t worry, once I talk to her. She holds his hand. Dadi worries that Yuvraaj did not come till now. She talks to Rags and asks her to be ready, they have come. Rags says yes Dadi, I m ready. Rakhi says Radhe is such husband who is just eating, even when her brother is locked in jail. Someone comes to meet them. Suhani and Yuvraaj talk to Dadi about the agent.

Rags says what should we do now. Pratima says we just have one day. Yuvraaj asks about CCTV footage. Dadi signs Rags. Rags shows the footage in phone. Suhani and Yuvraaj are shocked seeing Krishna. Menka says Suhani will not believe this, as Krishna’s face is not seen. Suhani says I can’t believe this, how can he steal. Dadi says this is the truth. Dadi says his upbringing is bad and he can’t change.

Suhani thinks its really Krishna, and what will they do now. Menka says police will do. Yuvraaj asks police? Rags says they got him arrested. Suhani says what. Yuvraaj asks Dadi why did she not tell him. Dadi says Pankaj has done favor on us, you know I don’t like to take favors. Suhani says don’t know how is Soumya, I should meet her and know whats happening. Yuvraaj says yes, we will go police station. Dadi stops him asking him not to go.

Pratima answers a call and says its from police station. They all come to Krishna’s home. Rags call Dadi a mastermind. Dadi says we will get all proof here, come. The police searches the home. Soumya asks Suhani to see all this. Suhani says calm down. The police gets a bag and recovers money from it. Soumya is shocked and cries. Soumya says we are poor but not thief. Dadi says its our safe money. Yuvraaj says yes. Soumya says no Suhani, Krishna did not take money. Suhani cries and says you know the money was important, our house would have sold, Papa did not differentiate in me and you, papa would have lost everything, how can Krishna steal money, how can he do this in our house, we did so much to unite you and Krishna, and Krishna cheated us. Soumya is shocked and says Suhani…. Dadi smiles.

Soumya asks what does she mean, will she be quiet if she blames Krishna, will you be quiet if anyone blames Yuvraaj. Dadi asks Rags not to let them talk. Rags asks how does the money come in this house. Suhani says I have seen all the proof and then pointed on Krishna. Soumya says its useless to talk to you and turns. They all leave. Rags taunts Soumya for choosing this hut instead the palace, and then did theft too, its disgusting.

Soumya says she does not want the palace, she will make this hut a palace. Rags asks how, by stealing. Menka laughs and they leave. Soumya shuts the door. Lalita blames Soumya for all this, as Suhani is taking revenge from her for her deeds. Soumya cries.

Suhani talks to Dadi. Dadi acts sweet infront of Yuvraaj and plans against Suhani again.

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