Sasuraal Simar Ka 11th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar says every time you forget the history the history repeats itself. The women will stand for themselves, every time sins cross the bar the good strikes it. and the end of evil is very dangerous. this is going to end as well. You end is near. i will write it and i am not scared.

Rajeshwari says so are you all ready? Roli says yes i am. Rest of them says yes we are too. The servant gives them some papers. rajeshwari says this is a small rule, you write whatever happens to you I am not responsible for you. You will kill yourself, if you fail. You have four days to steal this. Roli says i have to sign these papers, if i get it, i can save the whole family from rajveer and Mausi ji. Sid says in heart keep movin roli your sid wont let anything happen to you.

Rajveer says wow you talk very well simar, you make me laugh. You think you can fight with us? I still have the maani, you can’t do anything. So I give you this advice, come with me, that is better for you. save the family name. Or the first ray of sunlight will bring shame for your family. You wont be able to see your face as well. Simar says you can do what you want, because God made us both, I can fight with it. This is sin and i wont do it, so i have decided i wont bow. I will fight till the last breaths. i will put an end and i will win this game.
simar says i am more mad at you mausi ji, we gave you love and respect like we did to mausi ji. We loved you with all out heart. You were pretending to love us so you could destroy us but we never felt it. We would have given you everything if you had asked us but no. You opted this way of evil. Keep one thing in mind, truth has to win every time. You have did so much to my family, now its my turn. I will defeat you in this war. mausi ji holds rajveer’s hand. Rajveer shows simar the CD and says look at this. It has your husband’s feat whole world will see it tomorrow. Stop it if you can. Save the name of your family. Simar says i will end this game of yours in next 48 hours. She goes to mata ji and bows down. she says i am sorry mata ji i did this without even asking you. Mata ji sas everyone has right to take decisions but there just a few people who take it to a logical end. You are one of them. i will stand by your side. maya says dont worry didi i promise i will be with you in this fight. Even if it takes my life. Simar says we have to take that Cd from rajveer. maya says we will find it somehow don’t worry. Simar says yes maya if prem’s mistake comes in the front of world, he will have to lower his gaze all his life. I don’t want my husband to walk with his head down.

Precap-Mausi ji says i know these sisters, they are fierce when they are about to take revenge. someone comes in rajveer’s room with a dagger while he is asleep.

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