Qubool Hai 11th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: In the jungles
Ahil is shocked to hear sanam’s voice calling out, that she loves him immensely. She says that she has waited for a long time to be able to come back to him. he hugs her tightly. She tells that the new bride had sold her sister off. Ahil is distraught. She again doses into unconsciousness, while ahil says that he shall never go away again. He rushes to get water from the car and then sprinkles on her face and she finally wakes up. he immediately tells her that now he wont let anything happen to her. she wakes up with a start. She asks why does he address her as Sanam, as she is jannat, and he cant remember this. He is heartbroken and apalled. She gets up and begins to go, while he is speechless. Sanam and ahil are lost in the jungle, while she reprimands him for the way they are trapped here, when she should be with shaad. They begin with their verbal discourse and arguement, while she keeps instigating him to go on. He is shocked and asks her to keep quiet. But she thinks that he is ordering her, and refuses to listen. he grabs her face and shows them tribal people standing ahead, seeing whom both are scared. She instinctively ducks behind ahil.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While saif romances with the new bride, she is alarmed remembering something and leaves. she descends down the stairs, wondering why ahil hasnt returned back, if love has won, or jannat’s memory came back. she then relieves herself saying that she is overthinking. just then, shaad comes in distraught asking for Jannat. she says that jannat went with ahil to the hospital. shaad says that noone came, and is very worried for sanam. She thinks that definitely ahil has done something to be able to spend time with sanam, his true love, little does he know,t hat she would allow it. she says that he doesnt know who he is dealing with now. She says that she wont search for him, but would ruin even his memories of her back here. Shaad says that her phone isnt going through and hopes that everything is okay. she pretends to be sad, saying that she was very restless, and its good that she came, as she needs him. he is alarmed and asks what does she mean, while she smiles. He says that none of the phone is going through. she points out that her husband and his wife are absconding together, and maybe they went out of bhopal. Shaad says that its impossible that jannat behaves like this. she says that love surprises, but shaad says that it doesnt break trust. He says that he feels there’s a big problem, and goes to check. She holds shaad’s arms, and asks him not to go, while shaad is boggled by her behaviour. He asks how can she say that, and that he has to go. She asks if he doesnt care for her. He is boggled. she twists saying that she would be blamed for her poor hospitality to him. She says that she shall take care of jannat and her whereabouts, but he should stay back. He does some black magic with the fingers and he falls prey.

Scene 3:
Location: Graveyard and jungles
Saif calls and tells shashi, that being on site, he can almost guarantee that they both are dead. Shashi is pleased and asks him to continue looking for solid evidence to prove this, and keep giving her an update every hour. he complies. She is shown to be standing by her mother’s grave, emotional, that she fulfilled her promise to her, and that she would fulfill all her dreams and wishes. she says that she cherishes every dream of hers. she says that she would be the most popular begum, the only child and heir to Tanveer’s empire. Shashi notices that two gunmen get a royal seat and then a mysterious, suited person comes and sits mejestically on the chair. She is confused, boggled and surprised, as she recognises him as Sir. Judaa.

Meanwhile, ahil clutches at sanam tightly. The tribal people gather, around ahil and sanam, with accusing eyes. they ask them both to come along, asd they corner them with their arrows and bows. he asks where are they taking them. They point their weapons and Sanam and ahil silently comply, in scare, while he barely suppresses his anger. Sher asks him to be sane, and not behave rash, and askls him to wuietly go where they take them. he is too stunned to comply.

Shashi goes to him and asks whats he doing here. He says that people shouldnt get lost in personal lives so much,t hat they forget their ulterior motive. She says that she doesnt forgive or forget her enemies. Both are highly convinced. The screen freezes on shashi’s faces.

Precap: while shaad is freshening up, the new bride catches him bare torsoed, and forgets about saif, and focusses on him lewdly. Meanwhile, the tribal people tell ahil about a ritual, that he would have to walk on glass, to prove himself. Ahil finally gets down to doing it. Sanam tries to stop him, but when he doesnt listen, he just makes a mad dash for the glass shards.

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