Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 11th June 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Suhani and Agam loading bags in bus for vacation. Sunny gives badi naani’s jewelry and says badi naani can forget anything but her jewelry. While getting in, Suhani clashes with Nishi and apologizes. She sees her bandaged wrist and asks what happened. Nishi says oil spilled on her wrist while cooking. Suhani asks this looks different. Nishi ignores and gets into bus.


While traveling, Neil sees Ragini sitting alone and asks her why is she not sitting with her husband. Bus jerks and he reminisces his and Ragini’s younger days where he travels in a public transport bus with her and complains that he cannot handle this. She says she wants him to prepare for every situation. He says if she is with him, he will handle any situation. Bus jerks again.


Sunny sees badi naani unconscious and stops bus. They all get her down and make her sleep on road. Aman checks her and says her pulse is slowing down. Neil examines and presses her stomach. Naani wakes up burping, sees Neil and asks if they will celebrate picnic here and says she is very hungry. Neil says everyone that she had gastric trouble. They all get back into bus.


Pam imagines her RK showering her with love and flower petals. She comes out of dreams and thinks she has become filmy like RK. She starts dreaming her future with RK and convinces herself. She thinks RK break his engagement for her.



Neil and Ragini’s argument starts, blaming each other. They continue their fight while everyone watch them silently from behind. Suhani says let us play antakshari. Karan jokes they already heard Neil and Ragini’s antakshari. Suhani says jokes apart and divides teams between Neil and Ragini. Badi asks in whose team she is in. Neil says she will always be in his team. They start antakshari with everyone getting a chance. Aman signs a romantic song. Neil reminisces his romantic younger days with Ragini where he sings a romantic song for her after coming home late. She gets angry at first but then smiles and asks why he comes late and then tries to pamper her.


Neil comes out of flashback and sings Meri bhigi bhigi si…song… Ragini then signs Hum bewafa hargiz na the….song..Karan then sings his song followed by others.


Suhani peeps out of window and sees goons following them in a jeep holding sticks. She informs Neil and others. They all peep out of window and panic. Aman says they made a big mistake by coming in this route. Neil asks him to proceed. He says he read news about goons looting travellers and then killing them. Sunny asks why they kill people after looting. Karan calls police, but does not find network.


Dimpy suggests to stop bus and inform goons that they don’t have anything. Ragini’s mom tells they must have seen badi naani’s jewelry and scolds her for insisting to carry jewellery. They all discuss what to do now. They then see goon’s jeep nearby and hide under seat. Neil then takes driver’s seat and starts driving. Goons’ jeep overtake their bus.


Precap: Ragini says Aman that everyone blame that her children’s bad life is because of her, she likes her principles and does not want to break, but that does not mean she wants to harm her children.


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