Doli Armaanon Ki 11th June 2015 Written Episode

tani is outraged at samrat’s weird dress, and then samrat too gets into pretentious mode, complaining of a splitting headache, and not knowing what came over him. tani calms him down, and then takes him to the room. They meet urmi in the way, where samrat is shocked to see her there. She says that she was mortified and apalled to see samrat dressed and dancing like a girl. tani thanks urmi for telling her, so that they could stop it early on. samrat fumes that it was all urmi’s idea to spoil his image in front of tani. he is embarassed, and speechless.

Tani tells everyone, the next day, that she cant have a compulsive thief in her house. shashi is in tears. urmi stands for her, saying that she didnt steal it, and actually is about to spill out that its samrat and not shashi, but stops herself in time. tani asks if its not shashi, then who is it. she compels urmi to speak up, while she eys samrat, watching him squirm and relish in the fact that she caused him. but she doesnt spill names, and instead fights for shashi to stay here only, while samrat and tani callously proclaim that she can live. but urmi insists that sjhashi shall stay on their behalf then. shashi is overwehlmed with gratitude. In her room, shashi is mortified at what she did with urmi, and when she comes, she apologises proufsely, and mends with her. urmi too hugs her emotionally.

Later, samrat comes and tries to get shashi to still be on his plot, by comin g up with an idea, of making kiran shashi’s illegitimate daughter. urm,i, hearing thisfrom a distance, is shocked. shashi reprimands him for his shamelessness, and says that he is a fool to have left the best wife. When he insists, she slaps him tight. the screen freezes on his boggled face.

Precap: urmi instigates tani, that the day she is talking about, was the day, samrat had gone for puja in Nasik. tani remembers and says that if thats so, how come his name is on the records of a hotel in Mumbai, for the very same date. samrat doesnt have an explanation. he is frustrated and tensed.

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