Sasuraal Simar Ka 12th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rajeshwari says you have these four days to complete this task. Roli says i will complete it in 48 hours. the other contender says you think what are we here for? it wont be that easy for you.
Rajeshwari says i liked your self confidence and this is not that easy, the castle looks horrible at night. I dont wanna scare you but its my duty to tell you. You might lose your life to get it. Good night. She says i will pray that you all get a good sleep. Aryan comes with me.

Mausi ji comes to rajveer and says we have taken everything from them property business and maani. Lets go somewhere far from here and live a life. i know you don’t like me to say this but i know these sisters, they are fierce when it comes to revenge. They have done do much for this family. Simar wont leave us. This is why i say lets go from here. Rajveer says i am not going from here, you should have asked me before. You are asking me to flee? mausi ji says in short, i dont have anyone but you in this world and i dont wanna lose you. Rajveer says i know your feelings but i will go after 48 hours. the challenge simar gave me has my self respect attached to it. they can’t win from us. There is one thing, i will get simar for sure.

Sid is in rajeshwari’s room. She pours drink in the glasses. She offers the drink to sid, he says i dont drink. Rajseshwari says how you live then? What you think who will win? Sid says that girl who said she will get it in 48 hours. There is a question in my mind, is this thing actually exists? or is it your imagination? you like people playing with fire or it actually exists. She say that thing is in this castle. and its very powerful that is why whoever gets it will rule. She turns on the music and starts dancing with sid. She comes close to him, sid doesn’t like it. sid says its too late i should go. Rajseshwari says its late that is why i am stopping you. this castle is really dangerous at night, wont you stay with me? sid says aryan is not scared of threats.

Roli calls maya and says you have to tell me what is in that CD? tell me what is it? Mata ji says dont tell them. Let them accomplish their mission. roli says maya you there? simar takes the phone and says i will tell you whats in that CD? she tells her everything. how mausi ji played that video. she tells them about the challenge. Roli is dazed. She says oh God, you are alone there? simar says dont cry it has happened we dont have another option. we have to fight this war. think how can we find a way to not get it exposed. roli says i and sid will stop it don’t worry. Roli says i have an idea. Rajveer is connected to this rajeshwari. Maybe we do something to her and that shall effect Rajveer. simar says but we wont cry anymore. its their turn now. mata ji says why did you tell her? simar says its about time to face the reality, we will win it together. she says we wont conceal anything now. We will win it together. Maya says i have an idea. After few hours they will fall asleep we can try to steal it. Simar says mata ji you should sleep we will handle it. mata ji says how can i leave you alone? Simar says i will wake you up if in we need you. mata ji says okay.

Sid comes in and says that rajeshwari, you know she,, he sees her in tears. He says i didn’t do anything. roli hugs him. he says what happened? roli tells him everything. Simar comes home and sees that prem is not there. She says prem has done so many mistakes in pressure what if he does another mistake.
she goes out. prem is with a dagger in rajveer’s room. rajveer is asleep. Prem move towards him, he recalls rajveer saying simar is mine now. he recalls rajveer dragging simar by her hair. he is about to stab rajveer, simar comes and holds his hand.

Precap-Sid and roli are together, Rajeshwari comes in.

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