Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 12th June 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, kabir says always some one interrupts me but not this time I will tell nisha that I love her,nisha comes and gives kabir tea and says have it,kabir says no I don’t want it,nisha says ok what were u thinking, kabir says nothing, nisha says I know u were thinking abt break,kabir says exactly and I was thinking abt a trip,nisha says me too and both say together lets go manali,kabir says wow done lets book,nisha says good ask bulk booking we all gangwals n ur mom will go together it will be so much fun,kabir says nisha don’t change ever,nisha says ok we shd bye mom a shawl,kabir says good idea that will cheer her,kabir and nisha leave.
Ramesh goes to nishas house and calls laxmi and tells her that he is to meet vasu abt work and will be late and not to be tensed,vasu sees ramesh at door and welcomes him in, and sits beside ramesh very close and says I knew u will be here to meet me, vasu says ramesh cmon don’t behave like strangers,ramesh says vasu I am here to talk abt land, vasu says what I shdnt ask my share and be fooled again,ramesh says vasu I didn’t fool u, ur dad gave land to babuji by himself,vasu says still that land is on my name,ramesh says I know but we want to buy that land,vasu says I want nothing but return u all the pain and trouble u gave me,ramesh says vasu plz,,vasu says I have gone through a lot of pain and now I will return every bit of it, ramesh says vasu I am saying sorry why don’t u understand,vasu says ramesh u made fun of my love,ramesh says vasu I never loved u it was u, vasu says u still get so angry.
Vasu says I had to run away from my past but see the fate I am back to my past and now I wont be back empty handed and see what has happened my son married ur daughter and now the time is to pass on all the pain and now nisha will repay to all my past pain.
Kabir and nisha get shawl for vasu and leave for home,ramesh asks vasu not to trouble nisha,vasu says I will and u have to watch all this and I know nisha and kabir love eachother a lot and I will turn that to hatred and when nisha will be sad the whole gangwal family will be sad and then I will have peace and so I will never renew ur lease.nisha and kabir reach home,kabir says nisha even I want to learn scooter,nisha says no I care abt my scooter,nisha and kabir laugh and reach home and see ramesh scolding vasu,ramesh says vasu u are shamless and so no one stood by u and will never ever stand by u,kabir hears this and stops ramesh,and stands by his mother and says I will stand by my mother and always stand by her,vasu says kabir don’t do this he is ur father,kabir says nisha ask ur dad to leave,ramesh says kabir u don’t know anything, kabir says yes I know and dare u talk to her like this,nisha says kabir stop how can u talk to dad in this tone, kabir says and how could he talk to my mom like this,vasu starts crying and says don’t fight for me plz and runs in,ramesh says kabir ur mom is lying,kabir says enough leave plz,nisha take ur dad before I misbehave.nisha says dad wont leave.
Kabir says ok I will leave,nisha says kabir stop we will sort everything,kabir says no nisha I know the truth,nisha says me too and we cant judge it,kabir says nisha no let me go and leaves,vasu watches all this and smiles, nisha looks at ramesh,ramesh says nisha lets go u will come with me,nisha says no I will stay here u go,ramesh says nisha plz ,nisha says dad,ramesh looks at vasu and says this is my daughter look at her and leaves.
Kabir is wandering and says nisha I don’t like hurting u,nisha sits in her room,kabir says nisha I love u but I cant stand what happened today and why does this always happens,nisha says why is the past coming over our present but let me tell u I love u kabir and I don’t want u to go but I am not sorry for today and why this happens to us and nisha starts crying.

PRECAP:nisha opens the door and sees viraj at door,viraj says nisha aren’t u happy to see me,nisha says I am tired to tell u that I have no feelings for u and there is no future for us.

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