Jamai Raja 12th June 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Ansh and Sid’s romance. They both get intimate when Meesha calls Sid. Roshni gets jealous and walks out fuming. Sid thinks she has his wife on one side and bestfriend on other side.

Shiv sees Roshni having dinner silently. She gets a call and ignores it. Shiv asks whose call it is. He says not an important one. Door bell rings and Sid comes in with pastry. He says he was passing by and thought of having dinner with them, so he brought pastry. He jokes whenever he comes here, he feels his precious thing is missing here, pointing at Roshni. Mona says Roshni and Sam love pastries and they used to fight in childhood. Roshni picks one pastry angrily. Shiv says he is not hungry and will go to his room and rest. He gets up and feels dizzy. Sid holds him on time, but Shiv continues that he wants to rest and leaves. Roshni takes food to his room. DD thinks he is acting.

Shiv comes out of room to pick water, feels dizzy and falls on floor. DD thinks he must be acting again. Roshni rushes seeing that and calls Sid and doc. Doc checks and gives him injection saying he will be fine. DD tries to pass partition rope. Naani stops her and says if she crosses partition due to sympathy, she should not. DD leaves for office. Roshni shouts how can mom behave like this. Shiv says he does not need DD’s sympathy. Sid says her papa is right, he needs DD’s love and not sympathy.

Sam’s mobile goes missing. Yash finds it in dustbin. Sam yells that children must have thrown it in dustbin. Yash says they cannot. She goes and twists child’s ears and shouts if they did it. They deny it, but she continues punishing. Yash is shocked to see that and rescues child. He asks how can she be so ruthless and punish innocent kids like this. She asks her to mend her behavior and takes children from there.

Sid reaches home with Roshni and joins family and Meesha for dinner. Simran serves mangoes to Meesha and she says she is allergic to mangoes. Kritika smirks thinking her ugly plan. Meesha asks Sid to take her for shopping. He asks what will she gift him. She jokes that latest Mario game. Everyone laugh hearing that and Rushi fumes in jealousy.

Roshni while massing biji restlessly waits for Sid and Meesha and thinks it is already 3 hours. Biji asks her to be gentle. Sid and Meesha come just then. Simran asks them to relax while she prepares milkshake for them. Roshni says she will prepare it and leaves. Sid shows earrings to Meesha and says he bought it for Roshni but will not give so easily. Meesha asks him to stop pestering Roshni and says jealousy is very dangerous and Roshni may kill her. Sid asks her to stop watching TV serials. Roshni gets banana milkshake. Sid asks if she brought stale milkshake so early. She jokes yes. Sid tastes and says it is very tasty. Meesha also tries and likes it.

Meesha starts choking after drinking milkshake. Sid asks what happened. Meesha murmurs mangoes. Sid alleges roshni for mixing mango in banana milkshake and shouts at her to stop being jealous. Roshni repeatedly says she did not, but Sid is adamant. Kritika continues to smirk seeing it.

Precap: Roshni finds DD’s property papers in Simran’s locker and thinks why is she holding them.

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