Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 12th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Khurasan asks his men to keep an eye on all the women, he says maybe we find the one we are looking for. Agni puts all the things in temple. Bindu says in heart, dharma where are you? why are you concealing from me? Is there any problem? or you are punishing me? i will find you this time.
charu says to her servant we have to find that woman before samrat. i don’t want her to reach samrat. I dont want him to find dharma before, even if it takes her life.
Agni and justin bow down, everyone sprinkle flowers on them. Everyone congratulates bindu and justin.

Radha says to the soldier where is achanyak? your men must be treating him ill. The man says i am ready to serve whatever punishment you have for me. Radha says you should serve your state rather than some man. Tell us where have you abducted him? his men beat him.

Ashok asks the girl where is radha? can you tell me? there is something big going to happen in justin’s wedding tomorrow. she says i will give your message to him, ashok says i wont waste my time i should tell someone else. he runs a soldier stops him, he says i saw you near dungeon. I shall arrest you now. Ashok says please let me go, i wont do anything now, i am leaving.
Khurasan asks noor do you doubt someone? This is not only my problem. if dharma meets bindu you wont be in trouble too. siyamak wont ever sit on throne. She says i have been paying for your mistakes and you dont even realize. He says its justin and agni’s wedding tomorrow and you cant do anything about it.

Ashok asks samrat’s men where is he? his man says you can meet him day after tomorrow. Ashok says i want to meet him right now. sushim says what you think of yourself? ashok says its realluy important. there is something going to happen tomorrow to stop this wedding. We have to tell samrat. Sushim smiles and says you think you are a spy? you help others and become well wishers. even when they dont need you. you think you can waste samrat’s time by your stories. we know how to protect us and we dont need you for that. ashok says this is not a story. sushim says are you going or should i get you kicked out?
ashok goes out and says i couldn’t meet radha and now not even samrat. I have to stop this myself but how will i go there?

Precap-Nicator says this whole castle will be destroyed. ashok says whoever goes against samrat realm i will give my life for it.

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