Manmarziyan 12th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun recalling Radhika’s words. He gets down the car and shows them how to push the car. He sees the dirt on the car and makes Radhika’s dress catch the dirt. She sees her dress spoiled and he says you can’t do any work well, whatever she does, she does something wrong, does everyone call her problem by love. She says she is regarded good luck in Rishikesh, he will also know it soon. She slips and the dirt of her hands spoil his tshirt. He angrily holds hr and asks is this her good luck. She smiles.

Sam and Neil sit on the road seeing the cars passing by. Sam says she can’t wait more, lets go. Neil says its very hot, see my state, how can we go, wait, let the car come, I will stop it. A truck comes and Neil says come. He stands infront of the truck and stops it. It stops and he laughs. He turns and sees Sam waving the truck to stop. She smiles and shows her fake baby bump. Radhika says your car is useless. Arjun asks her to use her good luck, maybe it will work. He says alright, one last time, then food. Kritika asks Radhika to use her good luck, they are hungry and tired. Radhika chants mantras and says lets push the car now. Arjun looks in the mirror while they push the car. He smiles and starts the car. He drives off leaving all of them behind. They dance that car started and stop seeing Arjun leaving. Tejh says he will stop, maybe he has gone for test drive. Radhika and everyone run after him.

Neil smiles and Sam signs him. She starts doing drama and the driver asks where is she going in this hot weather. She says she did not wish to go, but her husband took her out to have fresh air, is this state to go for jogging. He says he is going Nasik. She asks for lift and he agrees. Sam says come, and jumps. She stops and acts like having discomfort and pain. She asks Neil to give his hand and Neil smiles seeing her. Teri Meri dosti……….plays…………..

Neil lifts her and makes her sit in the truck, while she is doing her act. Sam asks Neil to come while he is lost seeing her. He says you are totally mad Sam. She says this is said by a man wearing shorts, come now. The driver tells them stories of his love, and asks them their love story. Neil says they will reach Khandala so late, so they will say after some time. Sam asks Neil to say their love story. Neil asks what to say. Sam says he is very shy type. She asks him to say anything. Neil says I don’t know, it just happened, love does not happen by giving notice.

He says when he saw her, his heart bell rung, he understood she is the one for him. Sam winks to him. She says see Paaji, his shorts maybe short, but he talks big, play music and we will leave. Paaji says he will say another story. Sam gets bored of this. Neil asks her to hear this, did he stop this truck. Sam says I did all this, she will free them now. She laughs and says Paaji you are very hilarious. Sam starts screaming and Neil asks what happened. Paaji panics.

Radhika and everyone walk on the road. She says we will follow Arjun, come. Zubin says I won’t come, Arjun would have reached Lonavla. Tejh says he was always rude, but this is limit, he made us push the car, and left after pushing us. Radhika says they can’t go home, they can’t leave Arjun alone. He asks why. He recalls Arjun’s words and says he will get bored, if he takes wrong turn and gets lost then…. They all look at her and say let him get lost, till person does not gets lost, he can’t find himself.

Radhika says but we have to see location. They ask her not to be in tension. They stop a car and take lift. She does drama of vomiting and the man leaves. Radhika says I m unwell, so whats my mistake, lets walk, we will sing and go, my Dada ji says long ways get short by singing.

Radhika sees Arjun replacing the car tyre and tells everyone to see she is very lucky. They laugh seeing Arjun. She asks what happened. Arjun says you happened, you are a problem. She says every coin has two sides, good fate for good and bad fate for bad. Arjun says don’t talk rubbish, enough all of you, he will not take any of them anywhere. Radhika says you can’t go too as of now. Arjun says right, but if I go, I will not take you for sure. He removes the tyre and it slides away. They all see it. Arjun gets angry.

Arjun says you are really a problem, go and get the tyre and fix it. Radhika slips and holds him.

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