Sasuraal Simar Ka 13th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Maya comes to simar, simar swipes her tears. Maya says didi you ask us not to cry and you cry yourself. You should never conceal your tears from your family. i was going from here i overheard you talking to prem. Simar says dont say anything about it, i don’t want to listen or say something. Maya says i can understand. Simar says maya i request don’t tell anyone about it. Don’t tell mata ji and roli. Maya says i know what you are going through. The relationship that was reason of your happiness is not tears in your eyes. When you have decided that we will win this, then we will.
Roli call simar. simar says we can get that Cd from broadcasting with this plan, we will seek revenge from rajveer.

At night, Sid is roaming in the castle. He hears noise of anklet. He follows the direction of voice. He rummages in different drawers but can’t find anything. He sees a shadow behind him. He turns back, its rol. Sid says you? He says what are you doing here? Are you in my team or not? she says yours. he says why you came out? she says i was worried for you. sid says if they see us together we will be doomed. She says i have an idea, go in. Bring the phone, i will hide here. i will blow a whistle if there is some problem. sid says she said its dangerous to come out of room at night. roli says i want to do it for didi. They didn’t find anything in Rajveer’s room. We have to solve this. Sid says i promise we will sort it out. roli says please let me stay here. He says okay come, sit here. Dont do anything till I come back.
Sid brings phone. Roli and sid call Rajveer as Rajeshwari. Roli says that CD will not be broadcasted. Neither tomorrow nor ever. You have to follow my commands. rajveer says what else? roli says when you come here dont forget to bring the maani. Rajveer wonders what is wrong with raj kumari?why she is giving these conditions. Roli asks sid will he agree? Sid says yes i think. Rajveer says i wanted to show simar my strength but Rajkumari ruined my plan. I wont let simar win, i wont leave her. Even if rajkumari asks me i will.. but how rajeshwari knows about that CD? He goes out and calls simar and mata ji.

roli says we shall put this phone in its place. sid says go to room. she says i will be with you. i will be your body guard, follow me. sid smiles and says you will never listen. He stands up with. Rajeshwari turns on the lights. roli and sid are dazed.

Precap-rajeshwari says there is some change in the rules, you wont kill yourself if you fail. Your husband sid aka Aryan will kill you. .

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