Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 13th June 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, nisha wakes up and sees that kabir isn’t in the room and gets upset, she walks to the bed , vasu enters and says kabir isn’t there right,he is like this from childhood , he gets very angry and I always worried abt him how will he get married and nisha the truth is I was surprised to see that he married u bcoz I thought kabir wouldn’t marry, nisha says mom our past is past but we have to learn from it and all abt kabir u saying was kabirs past and now is our present and abt this marriage we will know abt its future when we will stay together and thinking abt future why spoil the present,vasu says ur right anyways lets get ready and tell me when kabir comes home and vasu leaves.
Vasu plays radio and she hears that viraj is back in jaipur and vasu gets shocked, nisha is calling kabir she hears door bell and opens the door in excitement and sees viraj at her door, she gets angry and asks what are u doing here,viraj says aren’t u happy to see me and I hope kabir has gone, nisha says no he is here and u plz leave and get the truth that we have no future and will ever have any,leela hides and listens to it, viraj says I have some things left let me get it, nisha says I know u have nothing left here and in any case if u have left u can take it when kabir comes home in the evening and now u can leave, viraj sees vasu in room and asks nisha who is it,nisha says kabirs mom and u may plz leave now,viraj leaves and so does nisha.
Leela goes to vasu and says here are sumits paper plz free him fast, vasu says ok but why are u so worried,leela says bcoz nishas boss was here and he will come back in evening, vasu and leela try to see who the boss is but don’t see viraj,vasu says no worries we will see him in evening.
Ramesh opens the shop and sees kabir sleeping on bench and wakes him up and asks why is he here, and was he here whole night,kabir says no I wasn’t, ramesh says I know u are lying and anyways I want to talk abt yesterday, kabir says papa plz the truth is u hurt my mom and I have seen her in pain,nisha hears this and says kabir so u saying that dad is lying , and I know my dad he will never hurt anyone but kabir u wont understand, kabir says yes I wont and if u can feel bad for ur dad why cant I,ramesh says enough u two stop letting past over come the present behave like matures,kabir leaving, nisha stops him and says here are ur clothes change it, kabir takes it and leaves,sourabh sees all this and takes nisha to a side,kabir gets a call from vasu and vasu asks when will he back,kabir says by 6, vasu asks and nisha,kabir says we both will come by 6.
Leela gives vasu virajs number and Vasu and leela call viraj,viraj picks it up and vasu says I am kabirs mom,viraj gets surprised, vasu says nisha asked me to give u a message that u can take ur things by 6,viraj says ok.sourabh asks nisha what all is this,nisha says kabir is behaving so weird he isn’t listening to anything did u see his anger,sourabh says relax nisha,nisha says and whats with u,sourabh says dolly her moods swings and I want to talk to her but her health, nisha says dolly di wont accept it don’t do that, the path which will hurt us why go that way,sourabh says u too know kabir will leave but still love him and see if viraj sir would have not rejected u, life would be so different,kabirs hears this and also hears nisha agreed to it and leaves,nisha says but what feelings I have for kabir I didn’t have it for viraj sir and if kabir goes I wont love anyone else and I trust our love.
Leela says yes everything is in control,viraj comes to nishas home and see its locked he calls nisha but nisha doesn’t answer, viraj calls kabirs mom,vasu says I am out for work and keys are under the mat u open the door and take what u need,viraj says ok thanku,viraj opens the door and goes in,leela is inside the home hiding,viraj goes to room and nisha enters she tries to see where is vasu,nisha sees viraj in her room and asks u didn’t tell u are coming,viraj says this is my house,leela slowly closes nishas door and runs out,viraj says I am here to take u with me and why don’t u understand,kabir comes in,nisha says what do u want why don’t u understand,viraj holds nishas hand and says I just love u, I want u nisha,kabir entres and sees viraj holding nishas hand.

Precap; kabir asks nisha to stay away from viraj and he is very manipulative,nisha says I agree to stay away but he isn’t manupulative,kabir says oh yes u know him so nicely.
Vasu says morning I saw nisha with her boss and her eyes spoke how much she loves him and I am sorry kabir I didn’t see that love for u in her eyes.

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