Manmarziyan 13th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun calling Radhika a problem. He asks her to get the tyre and fix it. She slips and holds him too. They both fall down. He says blood and touches her cheek. She sees its his blood from his hand wound. He asks her not to touch him, he knows why she is doing this to keep him away from Sam. She says no. He says the day he gets Sam, she can’t come between them. He takes the tyre and goes. Sam screams. Neil asks whats happening. Paaji says you are going to become a father, see how this truck becomes a plane. Paaji rushes the truck and Neil asks him to control.

Paaji says ask your wife to control. Paaji leaves the steering and Neil manages it, and asks Paaji to move his leg off the accelerator, they will die. The truck hits a man’s basket. Neil manages the steering, while Paaji is pacifying Sam. They reach the hospital.

Paaji asks them to get stretcher. The baggage falls and Sam says run Neil. Paaji tries catching Neil and Neil runs. Arjun gets more hurt to fix the tyre by wounded hand. Radhika asks Zubin and Tejh to help him. Kritika says he has troubled us a lot, relax. Tejh asks her not to feel bad, Arjun would not care if she was hurt. Radhika looks at Arjun and recalls how he got worried seeing blood on her cheek. She goes to help and Arjun says he does not need her help. She repeats and he scolds her.

She argues and says when people are stuck, they should name enemies friends. He says revenge is not to be forgotten. She says about friendship, and how revenge stops life, and life is to move on, not stop, lets move on, or do you wish to stay here all night. He says Sam will be with me soon. She says for that, you have to reach Sam, and see you are unable to fix tyre and no one is ready to help you, see your fate, you can’t reach Sam without me, and you can’t reach Sam along with m, you are stuck with me by both ways. She smiles and helps him.

Khwaishon pe likhi…………..manmarziyan…………….plays…………….. They fix the tyre together. She sees him and says you are welcome Sir, its okay I know you want to say thanks, you did not say and I heard it. He asks her to move off his way. She says she is bored of this line, change it, its fun to bring someone on right path, and there is no fun to move off way. She says tyre is fixed. He says I can see. She says lets leave.

Sam and Neil run and Paaji comes to them. He says you have fooled me, and gets angry. Neil comes infront of Sam and Sam says Paaji is angry young man. Neil says we know each other since childhood, and got a child today too, say yes now. Sam asks idiot for what. Neil says for running away with me. She says she will run anywhere with him. Paaji attacks them with a sweep stick and they run holding hands and laughing. Teri meri dosti………….plays……………..

Arjun, Radhika and everyone are on the way in the car. Radhika talks to him saying about her relative, and asks him to treat his wound. Arjun says just shut up, else I will throw you out of the car. She asks them to keep fingers on their lips and just shut up. Tejh says Sir actually. Arjun says shut up. He says see silence looks so good, sometimes stay quiet too. Tejh farts and everyone hold their nose. Arjun stops the car. Tejh says Sir you told not to make noise from mouth, so… I m sorry Sir, will you have this… Arjun throws the jungle fruits and resumes driving.

Sam and Neil reach somewhere far and laugh. Neil shouts out loud Sammy…….. and it echoes. She laughs. He says she was lost and is back today, when she laughs, he feels great. Sam stops laughing and looks at him, recalling Arjun. She gets sad. She says you want to see my laughter always right. He says yes always. She asks will he do anything to see her happy. He says yes. She removes her shoes and asks him to beat her with shoes if she falls in love again, bye to love. He says your heart broke, say bye to the one you loved, not love. She says no, love has problems, see we are friends and we have no problems and tension, its all cool. He says people give tensions, not love. She says love is second name of tension, she does not trust love. He says you don’t trust love means you don’t trust me and everything, its everywhere, I will not let your trust move off love and life. He says if he gets her trust back, what will she give him. She says she will do what he says. Teri meri dosti yaariyan………..plays………….

Arjun stops the car while the group has gone to freshen up. Arjun asks Radhika why is she not going to Tejh, maybe he needs her help. She says her another friend needs her help, so she is fine here. He says stop playing this stupid games, you arrange your way to go Lonavla along your friends, get down. She signs no and smiles. He says you don’t know what I can do to reach my destination. She says do anything, I will not get down the car. He says don’t forget you are alone with me in this car, I m giving you last chance.

Radhika asks Arjun to leave her. He says you like a lot to be alone with me and lifts her. He dumps her away from the car.

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