Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th June 2015 Written Episode

Ahem insists Jigar to tell what is in parcel. Gopi also insists. He shows bag and whole family is shocked to see Meera’s cut finger in it. Gopi shouts this cannot happen. Kokila asks god why he is punishing her granddaughter for her mistake. Gopi insists Ahem to bring Meera at any cost. He gets call from Meera’s phone. Gopi snatches phone and asks Meera how is she. Kidnapper speaks and asks how is his gift. Kokila asks him to take money and spare her daughter. Gopi says they did not even let a scratch on Meera, but he cut her finger. Kidnapper says finger is fake. Gopi checks and says it is plastic finger. Ahem shouts that he will not spare him once he is caught. Kidnapper asks him to stop shouting and says he made a mistake of searching Meera or inform police, so he sent fake finger, if they try again, he will send real finger, hand, tongue, etc. Ahem shouts to stop his rubbish. Kidnapper says he is telling truth. Jigar shouts dare not to touch Meera. Kidnapper says he will cut her from knife and not hands. Kokila asks him to take money and leave Meera. Kidnapper asks to get 50 lakhs ready and wait for his call.

Ahem asks Jigar to arrange 50 lakhs by tomorrow morning. Gopi starts her drama and cries that because of her, Meera is kidnapped. Kokila asks her not to blame herself. Gopi says if she had not sent Meera out, she would not have bee kidnapped. Vidya consoles her and takes to her room.

Pari cleans her room while talking to her papa over phone. Rashi enters and drops vase by mistake. Pari gets angry seeing her and asks why did she come to her room. Meera asks her to open her colour pouch zip as she wants to prepare Meera’s missing and post it everywhere so that people can watch them and bring Meera home. Pari opens pouch zip and pushes her to go. Gopi holds her on time and stops her from falling. She asks Pari to be gentle to child. Rashi says her that she will make 5000 posters from it and will post on walls, so that Meera comes back home. Gopi says they will go to temple first, then she can keep posters on god idol’s feet and then paste it on walls.

Ahem sees Meera sleeping on home temple stairs and thinks she is so high willed that nobody can deter her intentions. She wakes her up. She says she did not realize when she slept. He says it is okay. He asks what is he thinking. He says hope had would have given good upbringing to Meera. She asks not to blame himself. He gets kidnapper’s message with Meera’s injured pic asking to get 50 lakhs ready.

Kinjal calls Jigar that nobody bothered to call her after she came to chawl and starts yelling. Jigar says nobody has slept since yesterday as Meera is kidnapped. She acts as being worried. Kokila takes call and asks her to stop acting as concerned and says she does not need here.

Urmila hears her conversation, calls Kokila and asks why is she crying. Kokila says she is not. Urmila says after being with her for 10 years she knows her every emotion and says she heard about Meera’s kidnap. She continues consoling her. Kokila says she will cut call as kdinapper must be calling in some time.

Ahem gets kidnapper’s call and he shouts on him. Kidnapper asks him to tone down his voice, else he will torture Meera. Ahem asks where to bring money. He asks to bring it in some old mill around 3 p.m. and only Gopi should come.

Precap: Kokila insists that Gopi should not go alone. Gopi insists that she will take any risk to save her daughter..

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